BOCW Update Brings Onslaught To All Platforms

Before the launch of CoD: Vanguard, there is one last major update for BOCW. Finally, the Zombies mode Onslaught is also available for PC and Xbox.
BOCW Update Onslaught
Finally, PC and Xbox gamers can also enjoy Onslaught mode. | © Activision

On November 5, Black Ops Cold War will be replaced by CoD: Vanguard. Before BOCW bids us farewell, there is one last major update. In addition to new playlists and challenges, one change stands out in particular: Onslaught is coming to all platforms.

As usual, we have summarized the most important changes for you here, if you want to read every detail for yourself, take a look at Treyarch's official website. We don't want to beat around the bush for too long, though, so here are the Black Ops Cold War Patch Notes from November 2, 2021.

Multiplayer BOCW Update

The latest update introduces the new melee weapon, Hammer & Sickle, which can be unlocked via a challenge or a bundle in the store. In addition, the new LAPA MP, which was previously only unlockable via the Halloween event, can now also be obtained via a challenge.

In addition, the Throwback Moshpit Playlist has been added again, this time, consisting of remastered Black Ops Maps and Nuketown '84. As always, you can find all current playlists in our Playlist Update Article.

Zombies BOCW Update

Onslaught for PC & Xbox

After a year, Onslaught is now also available for PC and Xbox! The Zombies Onslaught Mode was previously available exclusively to PlayStation players, but this exclusivity is now ending. From now on, the Onslaught Mode can be played on all platforms and also contains all maps published for it so far:

OnslaughtOnslaught Containment
ApocalypseGame Show
CollateralNuketown '84
The Pines


Ever want to know how to waste time in Vanguard? Well, you could always start grinding.

Round-Based Maps

There are also some updates for the turn-based zombies maps:

  • The rampage inducer effect now lasts until lap 55 (instead of lap 20), and the spawn speed of Super Sprinters has been reduced (now starting at 20% instead of 50% and increases by 5% every 5 laps).
  • Fixed an issue on Firebase Z where the Orda was unusually difficult to defeat in rounds over 30.
  • Fixed an issue where plays on Die Maschine could lose control of the ARC-XD.
  • Fixed exploits in Die Maschine, Firebase Z and Mauer der Toten.
  • Stability improvements on Forsaken in connection with Arcade Games, the Main Quest, and the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon.

Further Changes in the BOCW Update

  • In addition to the updates mentioned above, Black Ops Cold War will now inform all players in-game that they can uninstall the campaign to save storage space. The progress is saved and the campaign can be reinstalled and continued at any time.
  • There will also be a new cinematic archive in which players can watch all video sequences from all previous seasons.
  • 100 percenter rewards are now active and reward all players who achieve 100% in Multiplayer, Zombies, or the Campaign, with special animated calling cards.

That's it with the probably last major Black Ops Cold War update from November 2. Are you still playing BOCW, or are you desperately waiting for the launch of Vanguard?

This article was originally written by Lukas Ballat.