Modern Warfare III: CoD 2023 Name Confirmed!

Activision just confirmed that CoD 2023 will actually be called Modern Warfare III. Here's what happened.

Co D 2023 MWIII
Finally the name "Modern Warfare III" is confirmed. | © Activision/EarlyGame

Call of Duty 2023 will be called Modern Warfare III! Yes, for everyone following us, that's not real news. We already knew that this year's upcoming Call of Duty title would most likely be called Modern Warfare 3 and continue the MW2 storyline. However, Activision finally confirmed the name by accident:

Modern Warfare III: Name Confirmed By DMCA Request

The MW3 internal alpha playtests are currently underway, which led to some info about the new game being leaked on Twitter. We already reported about the leaked MW3 weapons as well as the returning features and more. Naturally, Activision's lawyers started claiming leaked images on social media and by doing so, accidentally revealed the name of CoD 2023:

MW3 DMCA request
The DMCA request clearly states the name "Modern Warfare III". | © ModernWarzone

As you can see here, the DMCA request clearly states the name "Modern Warfare III" and thus confirms the name of CoD 2023. While this isn't really surprising at all, we finally have an official confirmation that this year's installment of Call of Duty will in fact continue the Modern Warfare 2 story and thus conclude the "new" Modern Warfare trilogy.

Since the name is now all over the internet, we expect an official reveal with press release from Activision soon. Until then, check out the latest leaks about CoD 2024, which will most likely be Black Ops Gulf War.

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