Festive Fervor Event: Release Date & Details

The Festive Fervor Event in Vanguard and Warzone starts this week. We have all the info.
Festive Fervor Event
A knitted gun... Why not. | © Activision

Season 1 of Vanguard and Warzone has just started and introduced the new summery Warzone map Caldera. But now vacation in the Pacific is over, because this week the time-limited Christmas event Festive Fervor starts in Vanguard and Warzone. When does it start? What is Festive Fervor and how does the whole event actually work? We have all the information for you!

What is the Festive Fervor Event?

Festive Fervor roadmap
The event has a lot to offer. | © Activision

Festive Fervor is a limited-time Christmas event in Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone. As seen in the roadmap above, there are not only new challenges and game modes, but also map reskins, new bundles, deals and rewards. Oh, and of course, another free access period for the Vanguard multiplayer.

When is the Festive Fervor Event Release Date?

Festive Fervor launches on Thursday, December 16 at 9pm PT on all platforms in Vanguard and Warzone. The corresponding update will already be available for download on December 15. However, individual special offers in connection with the event will be available in the in-game store as early as December 14.

Vanguard: New Modes & Gameplay Elements

Armageddon Mode

Armageddon may also be known as Drop Zone to some players. In this mode, teams have to secure certain zones, where crates with killstreaks are then dropped. Points are only earned through kills in this mode, with kills achieved through killstreaks giving more points.

Elf Team Six

During the event, members of the Elf Team Six can be found on all Mutlipalyer maps. If you kill the little elves, you will get killstreaks and matchpoints.


Campers and players who do not play the Objective in objective-based modes need to beware. Krampus appears in Vanguard multiplayer matches and targets the players with the lowest objective score. If you don't manage to finish him off first, you will be punished with a violent finishing move.


The multiplayer map Shipment will be redecorated to Shipmas. We can also look forward to small festive decorative elements on other maps, and Stalingrad will also be a bit more Christmassy in Zombies mode.

Presents for Vanguard Owners

All owners of Vanguard can be especially happy. They will get 10 level skips for the Season 1 Battle Pass for free and all Vanguard rewards of the expired Season 6 Battle Pass – if you haven't unlocked them yet. There is also an extra 10% player, weapon and Battle Pass XP for the entire Season 1.

Festive Fervor Fir Tree
We will soon find these little trees in Warzone. | © Activision

Warzone: New Modes & Gameplay Elements

Festive Fir Trees

Both Caldera and Rebirth Island will have Christmas trees with gifts during the Festive Fervor event. These trees are marked on the minimap and reward players who stay near them for a certain amount of time with loot crates.


Yes, Krampus is also out and about in Warzone. He hunts players on Caldera and Rebirth Island and rewards the squad that manages to take him out. He also has other rewards in store, such as buy-backs for half the usual price or increased chances to find legendary loot crates.

Elf and Seek

As in multiplayer, small elves can be found in Warzone. Whoever takes them out will receive rewards like double XP tokens or a calling card.


As in most events, there will be 6 challenges each in Vanguard and Warzone. All challenges will reward players with Double XP tokens, level skips or cosmetics, as well as an LMG blueprint for completing all 6 challenges in Vanguard or Warzone.

Bundles & Sales

Festive Fervor Bundles
Of course, there are also extra bundles for the event. | © Activision

To celebrate the Festive Fervor event, the following bundles will be new to the store:

  • Santa's Slay Bundle
  • Krampus Unleashed Bundle
  • Secret Santa Bundle
  • Broken Resolutions Bundle

In addition to the new Christmas bundles, there will also be deals on older Black Ops Cold War bundles. Starting December 14, there will be 12 days of discounts on select bundles in the store. Each day, 5 Black Ops Cold War bundles will be available, as well as a special "Battle Pass Vault Pack Greatest Hits" that includes a selection of high-tier items from the first 3 seasons of BOCW.

That's it for the Festive Fervor Event in Warzone and Vanguard. Are you ready to be chased by Krampus while you are chasing the little elves yourself?