Melee No Longer Does Damage In Warzone

Since the latest update in Warzone, melee attacks no longer causes damage. What's going on there?
Warzone Melee
Yep, Kali Sticks won't bring you anything anymore. | © Activision

We've all seen it, you run into a building in Warzone and suddenly an opponent is right in front of you, and you shoot your entire magazine into the wall behind them in a panic. What to do? Exactly, you punch the other person a couple of times and the matter is settled. Well, at least it was like that in the past. After the last update, more and more players are reporting that melee attacks in Warzone no longer cause damage for some reason.

Melee combat has always been a part of Warzone and is often the last resort when you run out of ammunition or an enemy jumps straight in the face. There has always been hatred of gamers that run around with Kali sticks or other close combat weapons, and that is exactly why these were only recently nerfed. However, the developers seem to have exaggerated it a bit, because suddenly close range attacks simply no longer work.

Melee in Warzone does no Damage

Several players have complained on Reddit that their melee attacks in Warzone no longer cause damage, and that they have already lost entire matches as a result. For example, Reddit user Chrisssf shared this short clip that shows two players engaging in an intense close combat duel, in which neither causes nor takes damage.

I thought they nerfed melee's, but not this bad! from CODWarzone

The following clip from Substantial-Quarter4 also shows how broken close combat in Warzone is right now:

Broken melee cost us our first caldera win from CODWarzone

For some reason, the game doesn't seem to register melee hits as such since the last update. This means that you can beat up opponents for as long as you want without them taking even 1 HP damage, only to then get shot in the face.

So far there is no fix for the problem, but we really hope that Raven Software will fix the bug as soon as possible. But if you really want to punch people in the face by then, you should play Halo Infinite, it still works great.