Monster Energy Drink Box Reveals Modern Warfare 3 Logo

We all know that the next Call of Duty will be called Modern Warfare 3, but now the official MW3 logo has finally been revealed – by a Monster Energy Drink Box.

Modern Warfare 3 Logo reveal
Modern Warfare 3 will change from green to red. | © Activision/EarlyGame

It is almost August, and Activision still hasn't officially announced the next Call of Duty. However, we already know that it will be called Modern Warfare 3 (or III) and is developed by Sledgehammer Games.

MW3 will continue and conclude the storyline of Modern Warfare 2 and hopefully bring back a few features that we missed in the last CoD titles. It's quite unusual that we still didn't get an official announcement, but as always, leaks are starting to pop up – like e.g. the official logo of Modern Warfare 3.

CoD Modern Warfare 3: Official Logo Revealed

The Modern Warfare 3 logo was just revealed by Monster Energy. Several images of the Monster Energy packaging with the Modern Warfare 3 logo on it popped up on Twitter:

As you can see, the packaging also includes a QR code for a weapon blueprint, operator skin, a decal and double XP. We don't know yet when the codes will be active, but apparently you will get free in-game rewards if you buy the MW3 branded Monster Energy drink.

As crazy as this may sound, it actually is quite common for Call of Duty to have cooperations like that as well as having their logos leaked like that. Black Ops Cold War for example was leaked by Doritos packaging back in 2020.

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