Modern Warfare 3 Perks: Boots, Vests, Gloves & Helmets

Modern Warfare 3 is going to change the perk system and reintroduce some old fan-favorites like Dead Silence. Here are the MW3 perks we've seen so far.

MW3 Perks
Modern Warfare 3 Perks. | © Activision

You may not have seen this news at the time, but in early-2023 we heard about a new system coming to CoD with the Modern Warfare 3 Perks. Instead of dividing the perks into three arbitrary categories letting players pick one from each, they are now going to divide the perks into five categories, with each category being represented by a piece of armor.

The new perk "categories" will be Boots, Pants, Jackets, Gloves and Helmets. Here are the kinds of MW3 perks you can expect in each category:

  • Boots: Mobility based perks that can give you bonuses to running, swimming, climbing, sliding and moving quietly.
  • Vests: This category will contain perks like Flack Jacket, which will allow you to take extra explosive damage.
  • Gloves: Perks that improve your overall dexterity; weapon swapping, reloading, aim-down-sight speeds and such.
  • Helmets: We haven't had leaks regarding these perks yet.

This new perk system makes a fair bit of sense, and the perks we've seen leaked so far sound awesome (spoiler alert: Dead Silence is back... Kinda).

Modern Warfare 3 Perks | Leaked

The Modern Warfare 3 perks we know about so far come from a leaker who goes by various names but who was originally called "Bob Network UK". This guy has been the primary source for almost all the biggest news pieces you've heard this year regarding MW3 and the future of Warzone. His information has been proven correct on countless occasions, so at this point we have full confidence in the info. His current handle is El Bobberto.

MW3 Perks: Boots

These are the Boots perks, and it makes a lot of sense they are all in this category:

Perk NameDescription
Canvas SneakersEliminates footstep sounds.
Stalker BootsIncreased strafe & ADS movement speed.
Tactical PadsIncreases slide distance & allows for full ADS while sliding. Increases stance transition speeds & crouched movement speed.
Ultra Light BootsIncreases movement & swim speed. Reduces noise while swimming.
Running SneakersIncreases Tac Sprint duration & reduces refresh time.
Climbing BootsIncreased climbing & mantling speed. Reduces fall damage.

Thank god Dead Silence is back, that's just one more reason to be hyped about MW3.

MW3 Perks: Vests

We have the names for the Vests, but we don't have exact descriptions of what each perk does. So these names are correct, but the descriptions for this category are just community predictions:

Perk NamePredicted Effect
Gunner Vest?
Overkill VestTwo primary weapons.
Grenadier VestTwo lethal grenades.
Infantry Vest?
Scout VestMaybe Ghost?
Tactical Vest?

We will hopefully have the official answers soon.

MW3 Perks: Gloves

Here are the Gloves perks we've heard about so far:

Perk NameDescription
Assault GlovesWhile jumping, these gloves will reportedly improve accuracy and time to ADS.
Custom GlovesThese will increase weapon swap speed.
Scavenger GlovesThese will reportedly help resupply ammo and throwing knives from dead players.
Specialist GlovesThese will help throw equipment further and reset fuse timer on thrown-back grenades.
Tactical Combat GlovesThese will reportedly enable reloading while sprinting.
Marksman GlovesThese are reported to reduce sway and flinch while ADS.

It's very cool to see multiple perks in the game that will actually promote movement rather than punish it.

MW3 Perks: Helmets

Helmets haven't been leaked so far, we expect perks like High Alert, Tracker and Battle Hardened will fall into this category.

And there you have it, all the perks leaked so far for Modern Warfare 3. Do you like the new armor-based perk system? What about the perks themselves, are you happy to see the return of Dead Silence?

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