New Call of Duty Trailer Makes Fans Rage

Just recently, Call of Duty released a new trailer for Season 3. The fans' expectations were high, but disappointment strikes again. Here is everything you need to know!

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A New Call of Duty trailer makes fans rage once again. | © Activision

Even though Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 just launched the new Season 3 a few days ago, fans are disappointed once again. The excitement for the big update should've held on a little longer, but apparently no one cares what the community really wants… AGAIN!

New features like the Trophy Hunt Event or the Recruit A Friend for rewards opportunity are easily forgotten, because this time it's either Pay2Win or die.

Call of Duty's Season 3 Problems Seem Endless

Only a few days after the launch of Season 3, fans started to become more and more unhappy with the game.

  • Gameplay movement is almost the same
  • BlackCell costs $30
  • Pay2Win bundles for DMZ
  • Servers are lagging

And these aren't even all the issues that players have to face. Maybe this is the reason new features like the Trophy Hunt Event or the Recruit A Friend feature were introduced to the game. To literally calm down the community.

Nice try, but now Call of Duty has released a short new trailer and fans start to spread their rage massively all over Twitter and YouTube.

New Call of Duty Trailer Reveals Nothing But Advertisement

After a few new features that actually reward the community for their patience, a new trailer was released.

Fans were hoping for an announcement of new maps for MW2, movement patches, or anything else about one of the features they are waiting for at the moment. But the trailer showed basically the exact opposite:

If you scroll through the comment section, you will see lots of fans complaining about the game and the trailer.

Wish they focused their multiplayer up like they do on marketing their cosmetics


I like how this is basically just advertising blackcell for the third time

On Twitter, even streamers share their thoughts about the update:

Another fan rages about this trailer basically being an advertisement:

Call of Duty disappoints their patient community once more by releasing a trailer that actually is an advertisement to purchase new operators & weapon blueprint bundles instead of finally listening to the community's demands.

What do you think of this new trailer?

Have you heard of CoD 2023 yet?

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