Warzone 2 Massive Resurgence Removed Due To Funny Bug

Warzone 2 just introduced a new mode called "Massive Resurgence" in Season 3... But it's already been removed. So, what happened to Massive Resurgence?

Warzone 2 Massive Resurgence
The drop ship pilot in Massive Resurgence just dropped a 150 bomb! | © Activision

Warzone 2 Season 3 has just started, and it introduces a bunch of great new content. Apart from new guns like the FJX imperium and the Cronen Squall it also finally brought Resurgence to Al Mazrah.

However, the so-called Massive Resurgence mode is nowhere to be found in Warzone 2's playlist, so what happened to the new mode?

Warzone 2 Massive Resurgence Disabled Until Further Notice

The Massive Resurgence mode was recently disabled by Infinity Ward because it was basically unplayable due to a weird bug.

For everyone, who hasn't played Massive Resurgence yet, or for some reason was lucky enough to not experience the bug, here is a brief explanation.

For unknown reasons, the plane that drops players at the beginning of each match will fly outside the circle and drop players straight into the gas. As you can see in this clip from Reddit, the whole lobby was dropped outside the circle without any chance of survival.

Just had the most incredible game of Warzone!!
by u/Username_Checks__Owt in CODWarzone

This bug seems to occur quite frequently, so Infinity Ward have decided to disable the game mode until they fixed it. Until further notice, Massive Resurgence will be replaced by Resurgence Trios and Quads.

What do you think about Warzone 2 Season 3 so far? Do you like the new content, or are you playing only DMZ anyway? Maybe you even jumped ship to XDefiant...

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