Warzone 2 Season 3 DMZ: Bartering, Work Bench & New Plate Carriers

DMZ is just getting better and better. With the new Season 3 update, DMZ will have tons of new features. Here is everything you need to know!

Warzone 2 Season 3 DMZ's New Features | © Activision

Season 3 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 is launching on April 12.

Since the release of Season 3's roadmap, fans are looking forward to a lot of new features for the popular new game mode DMZ.

So the focus of the big season update isn't just on Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2, how relieving!

DMZ With A Lot Of New Features

With the release of Season 3 for Call of Duty: Warzone 2, players can be excited to drop into the DMZ and experience many new features that will significantly impact how Operators acquire contraband, keys, and other essential equipment.

This season's update provides a great opportunity for those seeking a high-stakes mode with permanent rewards, especially considering the introduction of new methods to save and edit contraband and navigate around, or even escape, the Exclusion Zones.

Whether you're a returning player or a new one, Season 3 is an excellent entry point to experience these exciting changes.

But if you are new to this game mode, you might want to check this article out, to understand, what DMZ is actually about:

Which Features Are New In DMZ?


In Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone 2, you will have the option to engage in Bartering at every buy station located within the Exclusion Zones. This feature enables you to exchange items for others by using “recipes,” which provide component lists and instructions for building new equipment to suit your needs.

MWII S03 DMZ 002
DMZ Bartering | © Activision

Initially, you will have access to Bartering recipes for plate carriers, backpacks, killstreaks, self-revive kits, and keys.

However, each Exclusion Zone offers unique Barter options, making exploration an exciting part of the DMZ experience.


MWII S03 DMZ 003
DMZ Workbench | © Activision

By paying a modest cash fee, you can use the workbench to equip any unlocked attachments to your contraband or insured weapons.

The workbench also allows you to remove attachments from your weapons, but these services come at a cost.

This is because weapon attachments can significantly change a weapon's performance, so the workbench charges for this attachment-swapping service.

Active Duty Operator Slots

MWII S03 DMZ 004 141
DMZ Active Duty Operator Slots | © Activision

You will have three Active Duty Operator slots, each with its own set of on-soldier items such as backpack, plate carrier, killstreaks, self-revive, and gas mask. You can freely switch the operators in their active slots.

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Before starting a match in DMZ, you have to choose which Active Duty Operator you will bring into the Exclusion Zone.

Any items obtained during the match, other than global loadout items such as primary weapon, secondary weapon, lethal, tactical, and field upgrade, will be exclusive to the selected Active Duty Operator.

Contraband weapons can be shared among Active Duty Operators, but keys cannot be shared.

New Equipment – Plate Carriers, Backpacks, Rebreather

The new plate carriers are: Tempered, Revive, Comms and Stealth

MWII S03 DMZ 006
DMZ New Plate Carriers | © Activision
  • The 3 Plate Medic Vest allows faster revives and self-revives, making it ideal for medics in the squad.
  • The 3 Plate Comms Vest functions as a signal booster, improving UAV technology and providing audio cues for nearby enemy operators, making it useful for solo runners.
  • The Stealth Plate Carrier comes with the Ghost perk, making it perfect for missions where remaining undetected is crucial.
  • The 3 Plate Tempered Plate is a different armor system that will see armor plates divided into two half-bars instead of three-thirds, making replating to full quicker and easier.

The new backpacks are: Secure and Scavenger Backpack. Secure Backpacks, as the name suggests, secure items between runs, and Scavenger Backpacks get rid of the third weapon slot and add additional item slots.

The so-called Rebreather is another new feature in DMZ:

MWII S03 DMZ 007
DMZ Rebreather | © Activision

It's a new Field Upgrade, designed for amphibious Operators who need to navigate the waterways in Al Mazrah and Ashika Island.

It allows you to breathe underwater for longer periods of time, making it perfect for stealth infiltrations or tricky maneuvers. Additionally, it has multiple uses before it expires and can even be used as a weapon.

These are all the important information on the new features in DMZ, have fun!

If you want to be a part of the new season 3, you might want to check out Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, it's enjoyable this time, promise!

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