Warzone Fans Beg Activision For Basic Feature That's In Every Other Game

Warzone 2 doesn't have the option to reconnect after crashing out of a match. The CoD community is now calling for a way to reconnect to games.

Warzone 2 reconnect
Warzone 2 fans want a reconnect feature. | © Activision

Warzone 2, or actually every Call of Duty of the last few years always, has a bunch of technical difficulties. Bugs, disconnects and even crashes are issues that still concern many players, especially on PC. Of course, some crashes or disconnects might just be because your hardware or connection is faulty, but in a lot of cases, players can't do anything about them.

Getting a crash or disconnect in the middle of a Warzone match is really frustrating already, but have you played a DMZ match, completing several really hard tasks and collecting some awesome loot, maybe you even are on a huge extfiltration streak, and then you crash out of the match? Dude, that is infuriating. You just lost all your loot, your mission progress and your exfil streak, which means all your hard-earned perks are gone.

No wonder, players are calling for a way to reconnect to a game besides other features.

Why Is There No Reconnect Feature In Warzone?

The Call of Duty community is asking for a reconnect feature in Warzone 2 and DMZ that will allow players that crashed out of a match to reconnect to that same game. As this Redditor explains, it is just frustrating to play for 25-40 minutes just to get disconnected and lose everything:

Why is there still no option to reconnect?
by u/ThatHartleyKid in CODWarzone

We can certainly understand the frustration of the players and since many other games do have an option to reconnect, we wonder why Activision hasn't thought about it yet. Apex Legends will let you reconnect to matches, hell even PUBG has that option...

Our best guess would be that devs are afraid of players abusing that feature for combat logging, but maybe they are just too busy with fixing bugs to think about a basic reconnect feature. The CoD community as always is having a lot of fun, coming up with reasons themselves:

It’s coming in the ‘reconnect’ bundle. $20 for 5 reconnects
They are a small indie company. Just have some patience, they’re doing their best!
This is warzone bro

Dont expect AAA development
Remember the old Activision adage; if it don't monetize, don't fix it.

To be fair though, the devs are pushing out smaller patches almost every week to fix bugs and add some quality-of-life features. However, since Warzone Ranked will be introduced in Season 3, Activision might have to take another look at an option to let players reconnect to matches they crashed out.

What do you think about that community request? Do you think a reconnect feature in Warzone 2 would help the game retain its players, or are there other more pressing issues that should be fixed first?

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