Vanguard Season 1 & Warzone Pacific Map Caldera Delayed!

Call of Duty has updated the roadmap for Vanguard Season 1. Although the content still looks great, there is also bad news: The launch of Vanguard Season 1 and thus the release of the new Warzone Pacific map Caldera have been delayed. When will Vanguard Season 1 and the new map Caldera be released?
Warzone Caldera Map
Let's hope we can swim this time... | © Activision Blizzard

Warzone's new map looks astoundingly beautiful, and these natural environments are going to be superb for a Verdansk-like meta. If you hadn't already gathered, we're beyond hyped for Vanguard, and all the content coming to Warzone in this next chapter for the franchise.

In an older blog post, Call of Duty shared a roadmap for the new game's opening season, and with it, details about the new Warzone Pacific map. However, this roadmap was recently updated and some important details have been changed.

When is the Calderea & Vanguard Season 1 Release Date?

The new Warzone Pacific map Caldera and Vanguard Season 1 will release on December 8 for all Vanguard owners. Those who only play Warzone will have to wait until December 9 for Caldera to launch. Originally, the new Warzone map Caldera was supposed to be released on December 2 for Vanguard owners and on December 3 for all other players.

To be honest, though, this delay isn't that bad, since leveling up all the Vanguard weapons takes quite a while. And honestly, who doesn't want to start Warzone with fully leveled weapons as soon as the new map is available? We've listed the best weapons in Vanguard for you here, so you know what you need to grind first.

What Is The New Pacific Warzone Map Called?

The new Warzone Pacific map is called Caldera, and it's going to take place on one of the Japanese-controlled islands during World War 2. You can therefore expect it to be far more vibrant than Verdansk, and to offer a more natural environment. There's probably going to be an extensive cave system too; if you've forgotten your high school geography, calderas are cauldron-like formations that are created in the aftermath of volcanic eruptions.

If you are already looking for more information about Vanguard, we have already broken down the minimap for you here. In addition, there will be dogfights on Caldera for the first time – how cool is that?

What Will Happen To Rebirth & Verdansk?

Rebirth is going to stay in the game as an available map to play, but Verdansk will be removed from the game entirely when Caldera is introduced. What exactly happens to Verdansk will be revealed in an apocalypse event during November. No doubt it involves more nukes and the Perseus program, we're just hoping they don't hint at time travel – there's no need for a story to connect these two maps. Here you can find some information about the current Operation Flashback event in Warzone.