The Best Warzone 2 SP-X 80 Loadout | Fast, But Absolutely Not Meta

You can find the best SP-X 80 setup and loadout for Warzone 2.0 below. It's a decent sniper, but the damage just isn't enough for Warzone 2.

This is the best SP-X 80 loadout. | © EarlyGame

By now everyone should have understood that snipers in Warzone 2.0 are unfortunately nowhere near as good as they were in Warzone 1. Since not even the very high-caliber sniper rifles can kill with just a headshot, pretty much every other weapon class is better. Nevertheless, there are a few crazy people who absolutely want to play a sniper in Warzone 2.0, so of course we also provide you with our best sniper loadouts as well.

The SP-X 80 is damn strong in multiplayer and would probably have been one of the most popular weapons in Warzone 1. Why? It's one of the fastest snipers in the game. It can ADS very quickly, and it has comparatively good mobility, but its damage is a bit lower than, for example, the Victus or Signal 50. Since snipers can no longer get one-shots anyway, this is of course quite a disadvantage... Therefore, we advise taking the SP-X 80 in Warzone 2.0 at best as a third weapon in a large backpack.

Warzone 2.0: SP-X 80 setup

SPX 80
The best SP-X 80 setup. | © EarlyGame/Activision



MuzzleFTAC ReaperMCPR-300 to level 10Aim Down Sight Speed ​​(-1.00 oz) / Bullet Velocity (+0.75 in)


Schlager PEQ Box IVSignal 50 to level 3Default
Rear Grip

Schlager Match Grip

No idea (we looked everywhere, but it seems like everyone has it unlocked by default)Aim Down Sight Speed ​​(-0.45 oz) / Sprint to Fire Speed ​​(-0.30 in)

FSS ST87 Bolt

SP-R 208 to level 9


Magazine8 Round MagSP-X 80 to level 18Default

With the SP-X 80 we rely on the muzzle for more range and bullet velocity. With the bolt we make sure that we can get the second shot on target even faster and with the grip and laser we increase the ADS speed and the sprint-to-fire speed. Since the SP-X 80 cannot one-shot down people, we'll also take the larger magazine with us.

When it comes to tuning, we are concentrating on getting a little more ADS speed and further improving mobility overall.

Warzone 2.0 SP-X 80 Loadout: Secondary Weapon, Perks & Equipment

Secondary Weapon: M13B

M13 B
The M13B is still viable in close combat. | © EarlyGame/Activision
With a sniper as our main weapon, we obviously need a good secondary weapon for short to medium ranges. We chose the M13B here, which has a high rate of fire and good mobility for an assault rifle. With the M13B we are well prepared, especially for medium distances, but we are not completely lost in close combat either. Overall, the M13B is just a good all-rounder.

Perks (Basic, Bonus & Ultimate)

Again our standard choice:

Perk PackageSpecter
Basic Perks

Double Time / Tracker

Bonus PerkSpotter
Ultimate Perk


The Specter Pack is currently the best Perk Package in Warzone 2.0. Ghost is simply indispensable, with so many players running Birds Eye and popping UAVs. Plus, Double Time and Trackers are helpful in many situations - but nobody really needs Spotter.

Unfortunately, we have to give up Overkill in favor of Ghost, but we can simply buy the second weapon in the loadout at a buy station.

Equipment (Lethal & Tactical)

Our favorite combo:



Flash Grenade

There just isn't a better combo than Semtex and Flashbangs right now. Stims and Throwing Knives might be a better choice for extremely aggressive players, but for everyone else, this is the best combo.

That's about it for the SP-X 80. If you're looking for something a little more reliable, try one of the best battle rifles in Warzone 2.0.

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