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The STG44 is unbelievably broken in Call of Duty: Vanguard. If you want to make it even more broken, we have the perfect loadout for you!

STG44 Main
The STG44 will be the most popular weapon in Vanguard for sure. | © Activision Blizzard

If we're honest with you, the STG44 is insanely fun to play. It's just not very fun when it's used against you. It's a broken and insanely over-powered Assault Rifle, but we also won't apologize for loving it. That being said, though: Sledgehammer Games, You should probably fix this bad-boy!

The STG44 is Broken

The STF44 is the M4 in Vanguard. You don't have to unlock the assault rifle, it's easy to use, and extremely versatile. Oh yeah, and it's by far the best weapon in Vanguard right now. With barely any recoil, the STG44 works at any range and knocks out damage that most of the other guns in the game can only dream of.

The Best STG44 Setup

STG44 Setup
With these attachments, the STG44 will be insanely fast. | © Activision
MuzzleRecoil Booster
BarrelVDD 760MM 05B
OpticSlate Reflector
StockVDD 34s Weighted
UnderbarrelM1941 Handstop
Magazine.30 Russian Short 30 Round Mags
Ammo TypeLengthened
Rear GripFabric Grip

Fully Loaded

The STG44 actually has no weak points that we have to compensate with attachments.Instead, we choose the attachments that best suit our preferred play style. You can't go wrong with the above setup, to be honest. The magazine, in combination with the barrel and muzzle bost our damage enormously, and Vital increases the critical hit zone on opponents.

With shaft and the underflow, we increase our precision. If you prefer to be faster, though, but don't want to switch to the MP-40, you can of course choose a few attachments for more speed. If you want to know which other assault rifles are available, we have our complete ranking of them here.

Equipment & Extras for an STG44 Loadout

That awesome STG44 setup alone is, of course, not enough to dominate in Vanguard. If you want to shave properly, you also need the right perks, grenades, and more. Here we have the perfect STG44 Loadout...

The Best Secondary Weapon for the STG44

Vanguard Secondary Machine Pistol
The Machine Pistol is undoubtedly the best Pistol in the game. | © Activision
If you don't want to sacrifice a perk slot for overkill in Vanguard, then you should definitely pack a Machine Pistol. This little beast is extremely imprecise and empties very quickly, but it is the perfect pocket MP for close combat. As soon as you've levelled it up a bit and can chuck a larger magazine on it, the Machine Pistol is the perfect secondary weapon for close combat. With the STG44 and a great Machine Pistol setup, you are equipped for every situation.

The Best Equipment for the STG44

Vanguard Equipment Thermite Stun
Thermite and Stun Grenades are the perfect combination. | © Activision

Thermite and Stun Grenades are the best choices here. With Thermite, you can smoke out small rooms or completely block bottlenecks on the map for a short period of time. Especially on small maps like Das Haus or Shipment, you will always meet someone with Thermite. Stun Grenades in the tactical slot are also good, because they slow enemies incredibly well and make it almost impossible for them to hit you. Do you want to storm a room, or have to cross an open area and know that opponents are most likely waiting around the next corner? Well, throw the Stun Grenade and you'll be sweeter than sugared popcorn!

The Best Perks for the STG44

Vanguard Perks Ghost Radar Double Time
With these perks you will absolutely slap! | © Activision

The best Perks to use in an STG44 loadout are Ghost, Radar, and Rushing Speed. The STG44 can be played at all distances, but MPs still have an advantage in close combat, which is why we prefer to pack Ghost instead of Ninja. Thus, you will not be marked on the Mini-Map by Spy Planes. Meanwhile, Radar shows enemies on the map who fire without a silencer and we all know how important the mini-map can be! Rushing Pace just lets us sprint a bit longer, which is not absolutely necessary, but nice to have in our third slot.

The Best Field Upgrades for the STG44

Armor Plates
There are few things better than some solid Armor Plates. | © Activision

As in pretty much every Call of Duty: Vanguard Loadout, we rely on Armor Plates here too. Why not? A couple of extra HP are always nice. Sure, the armor plate only protects your torso and not you head, but honestly most players hit you in the stomach as well. Pack up the records and take a few extra hits before you die. Anyone who plays Warzone will know this principle!

How Do You Unlock the STG44?

The cool thing about the STG44 is that it is available right from Level 1! There's no levelling or challenges needed to complete and obtain one of the most powerful weapons in Vanguard. Of course, you have to unlock all the attachments to be able to use the full potential of the STG44, but you can start grinding right away. So buy Vanguard, install it, start it, select STG44, and off you go!

What is the Best Alternative to the STG44?

Vangaurd alternative automaton
The Automaton is absolutely the best alternative. | © Activision

The Automaton is the next-best alternative to the STG44. Yes, the name is stupid and confusing, and in contrast the the STG44, it has to be unlocked first, but then again it's really not bad. It is even more precise and has less recoil and a higher rate of fire than the STG44, but the damage is not so outstanding. If you are into assault rifles, though, you should always stick with the STG44. Switching to the Automaton is not really worthwhile unless the STG44 is just too boring for you.

This is the absolute best loadout for the STG44 in Call of Duty: Vanguard's Multiplayer. Have you already levelled up enough? We are excited to see how dominant this particular weapon will be on the new Warzone Caldera Map.

This article was originally written by Lukas Ballat.