The STG 44 & M1 Garand Have Arrived In Warzone!

Two Vanguard weapons have come to Warzone ahead of the game's full release. Here's how you can unlock the STG 44, the M1 Garand, and the Bone Rattler Blueprint for use in the BR.

Warzone STG 44 M1 Garand
Two weapons from CoD: Vanguard are already available in Warzone. | © Activision

Before Vanguard launches and Verdansk finally dies, we have Season 6. And to get us ready for the new game they've already given us two weapons to try via blueprints available in the Battle Pass - the M1 Garand and the STG44

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Warzone STG44: Bone Rattler & Warning Track

The STG44 is the standard assault rifle in CoD: Vanguard, comparable to the M4A1 from Modern Warfare or the XM4 from Black Ops Cold War. Although CoD: Vanguard will not officially appear until November 5th, you can already secure two blueprints for the new weapon via the Battle Pass.

How do I get the STG44 in Warzone?

It's easy, grind the Season 6 Battle Pass! The Bone Rattler blueprint is unlocked at level 24 of the Battle Pass, the Warning Track blueprint at level 64. The blueprints are very different, which is great, one has been built as an ultra-close-range CQC support, and the other as a long-range AR primary.

Warzone Bone Rattler
This is a poor build honestly. | © Activision

The Bone Rattler Blueprint is obviously designed for mobility, speed, and shorter distances, and it comes with a total of 7 attachments. Everything has been optimized for quick handling here, but it's almost too much. You would, for instance, ideally take a range-improving suppressor still on this build. In this configuration, it's effectively a longer-ranged SMG.

Warzone Warning Track
This will become the meta long-range assault rifle. | © Activision

The Warning Track Blueprint comes with an incredible 10 attachments and looks like a standard build for long distances. Long barrel, silencer, larger optic, and plenty of recoil control ensure that kills are possible at greater distances.

Warzone's M1 Garand Blueprints: White Obsidian & Heirloom

The M1 Garand is also already available in Warzone. The rifle with the iconic last-shot pling sound was the only one in its class during the Vanguard Beta, although more are promised on launch.

It's comparable to the tactical rifles from BOCW or the marksman rifles from Modern Warfare and could, at least in the multiplayer beta, kill opponents with two hits at almost any distance. Whether it has meta potential in Warzone remains to be seen. One can only pray we don't have a repeat of the DMR meta...

How Do You Unlock M1 Garand Blueprints For Warzone?

Just like the STG 44, grind the Battle Pass! The White Obsidian blueprint is available at Battle Pass level 34, the Heirloom blueprint at level 72. Both offer varied setups for the weapon, so we can try these guns pressed into multiple roles.

Warzone White Obsidian
A drum mag on a Garand? What the ... | © Activision

On the White Obsidian Blueprint, the short barrel and the larger magazine are particularly impactful for the weapon’s performance. This setup relies on a higher rate of fire in exchange for a little less damage. It remains to be seen whether this will prevail in Warzone, as semi-autos reliably struggle against other weapons.

Warzone Heirloom
This is a very luxurious blueprint | © Activision

The Heirloom Blueprint is a build for longer distances and a lot of damage. No shortened barrel and no reduced magazine.

Have you already unlocked the STG 44 and the M1 Garand? Do you think these WWII Vanguard weapons are good for Warzone? Personally, we do, and we can not wait for the integration.

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