The Invisible Glitch Is Back In Warzone 2...

Warzone 2 so far feels like a big step forward, but it looks like it is doomed to repeat some of the mistakes of his predecessor.

Warzone 2
Only b*tches use glitches | © Activision

Warzone 2 has improved on a lot of aspects, that were annoying and just not fun in the first one. Sadly, it seems like one of the most annoying glitches is still in the game.

Playing a Battle Royal is a lot of fun! The feeling of tension when you enter a city, and you just know that there are going to be a lot of squads waiting to ambush you, is just exhilarating.

Especially when you're playing with your friends:

What makes it so fun, though, is the challenge of outplaying the other squads and coming out on top.

It is simply no fun, being in a situation where you are completely unable to retaliate.

Invisibility Glitch In Warzone 2

That is why the invisibility glitch was the most annoying exploit in Warzone, and sadly it appears to be back in Warzone 2.

In this clip, we can clearly see... well, nothing. That's the point! SuperEV is pushing the roof of a building just to be killed by someone the clip shows is clearly invisible.

This glitch has been present in Warzone and is now back in Warzone 2.

Let's just hope, Infinity Ward will do something about this glitch soon, patching it out of the game for good!

Maybe just play DMZ at this point:

You should probably buy a few extra controllers, because you're gonna be raging A LOT.

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