All Operators in Call of Duty: Vanguard & How to Unlock Them

New Call of Duty: Vanguard Operators are regularly being revealed. Who do we know about so far, and how can we unlock them?

Vanguard operators
Who are this year's Call of Duty Operators? What can we expect? | © Activision

Call of Duty: Vanguard is taking a new approach to Operators. This year, Call of Duty Operators will be loosely based, for the most part, on real life people who served in World War II. Some of these individuals fought on various fronts of the War, and some of them were civilians put into tough situations on the home front.

A good number of Vanguard Operators have already been revealed to us through various announcements and the beta earlier this year. Now, with the announcement of Daniel Take Yatsu and Padmavati Balan, it's time to take a look at all the Operators we know of so far. Who are they, and how can you unlock them when the game drops on November 5?

Who are the Call of Duty: Vanguard Operators?

There will be twelve Operators in Call of Duty: Vanguard, but so far, we only of eight. A number of them were featured in the Vanguard Beta, and two new operators were revealed to us recently: Daniel Take Yatsu and Padmavati Balan.

Who is Sergeant Arthur Kingsley?

Arthur is based on American Parachutist Sergeant Sidney Cornell, who landed behind German lines during the battle of Normandy. A significantly active fighter in World War II, Kingsley is considered "the heart and leader of Task Force One", according to the Call of Duty Blog. Born in Cameroon, Kingsley attended the University of Cambridge before enlisting in the Royal British Army.

While Kingsley is a natural-born leader, he fears falling into the traditional patterns of the British Army, over-deliberating at times when his soldiers may be faced with a life-threatening situation. However, that all represents a near-unrivaled care for those who serve beside him, and Kingsley works every day to not only protect them, but also earn their respect.

Labelled a "kind soul", this multilingual and highly educated soldier is fierce in his resentment of Nazism, and fights for the values he was brought up with. There is nothing more important to him than defeating the Nazi threat and rejecting the dangerous ideas that Nazism propagates.

Who is Lieutenant Polina Petrova?

Polina Petrova was based on Russian Sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko. Born in Stalingrad, Polina was forced into the war out of necessity. Labelled as "a woman of few words", she is a purposeful and powerful presence who uses her actions to express her ideals, and not her words.

Stalingrad was her childhood home, one where she lived many happy memories, including hunting with her father and brother. Although she lost her mother a decade prior to the war, her reality was even more impacted by the brutal Axis invasion of Operation Barbarossa. Using the sharpshooting skills, she learned from her family, Petrova’s story is one of vengeance and retribution for all that she and her community lost.

This heavy need for vengeance drives Polina, with the atrocities committed at Stalingrad clear in her mind, and a deep drive to see her home freed from the Nazi invaders.

Who is Private Lucas Riggs?

Lucas Riggs is the child of sheep farmers just outside of Melbourne, Australia. After working with his family on the family farm, Riggs signed up to fight in World War II even before conscription began. Described as an "enigma", Riggs is a brutal warrior who is willing to do whatever it takes for the cause.

To his allies, Riggs is a gentle giant, often being the life of the party, but not one to seek the spotlight. To his enemies, Riggs is an intimidating and brutal warrior of honor. He stands up to wrongdoers and those who start conflicts with blunt force, ironically done via his specialty within the Australian Army: explosives.

Lucas Riggs was based on a Kiwi hero, Charles Upham, who was awarded the Victoria Cross twice in World War 2, and spent time as a prisoner of war. In Vanguard, though, Riggs exemplifies Australian patriotism and will put nothing in front of protecting his country and ideals.

Who is Daniel Take Yatsu?

Daniel Take Yatsu is an expert marksman whose parents were forced into an internment camp in the US due to their Japanese ethnicity. One of the most recently announced Vanguard Operators, Yatsu represents some of the darkest points in American History, wherein they imprisoned Japanese people based on their race. You can check out his announcement trailer here:

Who is Sergeant Richard Webb?

Kingsley's right-hand man and friend, Sergeant Richard Webb, is an ex-academic who was drafted into service. Webb appreciates that his country needs him, but does not relish in the job that must be done. His great want in life is to return to academics and a return to normalcy.

With no illusions of glory nor passion to volunteer for a high-risk assignment, Webb often takes a cautious and calculated approach to every conflict, using his intelligence based in realism to come to a correct decision. Indeed, Webb believes his choice is always right, and his stubbornness derails discussions just as much as his perceived pessimism for how a situation could go wrong.

A reluctant recruit, Webb actually shares the same rank as Arthur Kingsley, and sees his defining moment during Operation Tonga. We'll find out more about what that's all about in the campaign.

Who is Hermann Wenzel Freisinger?

SS Oberst-Gruppenführer Hermann Wenzel Freisinger is Call of Duty: Vanguard's primary antagonist. An "ambitious and arrogant" Nazi officer, he leads SS interrogations and is the architect of Project Phoenix. He is seen as ruthless, yet somewhat charismatic, and a brutal agent within the conflict.

Born as an only child to a wealthy family with a long history of military service, Freisinger served as a courier and information analyst during the later years of the Great War. Following that, he served in the military police and then the Gestapo, rising quickly through the Nazi Party through his cunning and tactical wit.

An incredibly ambitious man, Freisinger will sacrifice anything to achieve his goals, namely, Project Phoenix. He wants to live up to his family's reputation, and is a formidable opponent to our heroes.

Who is Padmavati Balan?

Another recently announced Operator, Padmavati Balan is an Indian fighter who wages jungle warfare against the enemy. She has had the need to deal with conflict her entire life, with WW2 just being the next hurdle she has to face. Again, check out her character reveal for more details.

Who is Lieutenant First Class Wade Jackson?

Wade Jackson is a pilot who is more home in the sky than on the ground. A classic "New York" character, Jackson fits into Sledgehammer's need to feature some kind of buff American man somewhere in their game. Fitting into the obvious tropes, Jackson is rebellious, not that smart, and an adrenaline junkie.

His newfound rigor for adrenaline paid off after high school, when he was accepted into the Navy’s enlisted aviation cadet program and earned his pilot’s wings in a dive bomber. Since then, he has become a true force in the Pacific.

Honestly, out of all the Vanguard Operators we've heard about so-far, Jackson is the most boring. He's your classic lone wolf, is very charismatic and egotistical, and will probably prove to be quite reckless in the campaign.

Who is Roland Zelmet?

As of writing, we currently don't know anything about Roland Zelmet. Who this operator will be, what role he will play, and more, will be announced and revealed at a later date. When this happens, we will update this article.

How to Unlock Operators in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Operators will be available in Vanguard from day one, available to use in Multiplayer. At the beginning, all Operators will be included with Call of Duty: Vanguard, but future updates and seasonal content will bring new Operators and new stories to the game. These new Operators will need to be purchased online via the Call of Duty Store.