How to Fix Warzone Dev Error 6039

Players are widely experiencing Warzone's Dev Error 6039 and searching desperately for solutions. Luckily, there's no need to fear. Why? Well, because EarlyGame is here!

Warzone dev error 6039
Do you also miss Verdansk? | © Activision

Another day, another Warzone Error Code. Why? Well, because Raven Software fired a bunch of QA testers and apparently don't care about producing a polished and curated product. No, instead their focus is on skins, lots of skins, skins in a first person game that are so unbelievably pointless that we literally write a weekly article just to keep you updated. Great, right? Really exciting! Have you been boycotting Warzone's Caldera Map? Well, probably not considering that you're reading this article...

Enough sass, though. I don't really need to be such an a-hole, do I? Well, I don't see it that way – you know, it's pretty awful to just lay off a bunch of people, and sexual harassment and discrimination is not great either (to say the least_)... but that is more Activision, not Raven Software – so can we agree to disagree? Anyway, instead of ranting, I am here to actually help you fix a problem! This time it's another Dev Error, and we have a fix for you.

What is Warzone Dev Error 6039?

Dev Error 6039 often appears for users who have just updated Call of Duty: Warzone. It is a pretty problematic error code, as it prevents you from playing the game properly and in many cases will cause fatal errors in-game, and crashes. Whilst we don't know exactly what causes Warzone Dev Error 6039, we expect that it has something to do with an incorrectly installed update. When the patch downloads and installs, many things can go wrong. When these things do go wrong, this can cause some pretty major in-game problems, but how do you fix it?

Let's Fix Warzone Dev Error 6039

There are some pretty simple ways to fix Warzone's Dev Error 6039, and we're here to describe them. I promise that I will avoid utilizing too much sass here, but I will totally rule out the possibility of using none at all. Read the following methodology, enjoy it, and then bugger off. Okay?

Check for Updates

Make sure that the game is fully updated, do this by utilizing the menu system of your respective system. That means Google, guys. Yep. Indeed. You need to Google how to check for updates on your PS4, PS5, XBONE, Xbox Series X|S, or PC. It's pretty simple, too. Just select the game and press "options". It's not hard.

Reboot Your System

As usual, guys, don't be a donkey. When I say "reboot" I don't mean put your console into Sleep Mode. That will do nothing but make you look like a complete fool. Instead, completely close the game and then completely shutdown the console/PC. Then turn it back on again and try to play the game. If it still doesn't work, then move onto the next step. Again: don't be a donkey.

Reinstall Warzone

You need to reinstall Warzone. Now yes, this is a big download, and yes, it will take a very long time (because apparently Raven Software have never heard of file compression), but it is more or less guaranteed to work. Seriously, try out this method. You won't regret it!

Get Help From Activision Support

If you really can't resolve Warzone Dev Error 6039 via the method above, make sure to report the issue to Activision Support and see if they have any suggestions for how you can get back into this morally corrupt game. Alternatively you could just avoid Warzone and play an objectively better game, like Halo Infinite, but each to his own.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen (let's be real, it's more like lads and more lads), I very much hope that I have helped you at least a little bit today. If not, then sucked in. I will not cry for you. Seriously, I have no tears left to cry. Listen to The EarlyGame Podcast and you will understand why. Please and thank you. Cheerio!