Warzone: Last Hours of Verdansk – Release Date & Details

Vanguard and Warzone Pacific's first season is about to start, but before we dive into Caldera, Verdansk must be waved farewell. When does the "Last Hours of Verdansk" event start, and how does it work?

Last Hours of Verdansk
What will happen in the last event on Verdansk? | © Activision

We're all waiting for the start of Warzone and Vanguard Season 1 and, of course, for the upcoming new map. After almost two years, Verdansk will soon be replaced by the new Caldera Pacific map, but of course, we have to say goodbye to the old map before that. To do that and to connect Warzone with Vanguard, we already had the Battle for Verdansk event and Operation Flashback. But there's still one last event...

Last Hours of Verdansk

The Last Hours of Verdansk Event will finally say goodbye to the beloved map. You can find out when the Last Hours of Verdansk starts, how long the event will last, and what we can expect from it beneath.

When Does The Last Hours of Verdansk Start?

The Last Hours of Verdansk event starts today, December 6th, at 13:00 ET (18:00 GMT, 19:00 CET). At that time, a new playlist called the "Last Hours of Verdansk" will go live in Warzone.

Last Hours of V Erdansk Trello
This is from Raven Software's official Trello board! | © Activision

The event will be playable for a total of 24 hours and will end after 24 hours. With the end of the Last Hours of Verdansk, the Verdansk map will also disappear. Until the release of the new Calderea Map, only Rebirth Island will be available to play.

What happens in the Last Hours of Verdansk Event?

The Last Hours of Verdansk event is a Trios playlist that requires us to investigate crashed bombers and secure a bunker. As soon as you start a match in the Last Hours of Verdanks playlist, you will see several bombers flying over Verdansk, some of which will crash.

Last Hours of Verdansk Start
This is the start of the match. | © Activision

Once you find a crashed bomber, you can open a crate that not only contains excellent loot, but also a contract. This contract requires the team to find four more loot boxes, which can be found either at other crashsites or in the underground bunkers from World War II. Here you can see a crashed bomber with the contract on the left side of the screen.

Last Hours of Verdansk Bomber
This is a crashed bomber in Verdansk. | © Activision

Otherwise, the match continues as usual – with the small exception that bombers drop bombs in a marked area from time to time, so keep an eye on the minimap. Other than that, you'll be looting normally, trying to stay in the circle at all times and doing a bit of shooting. However, unlike in a normal BR match, self-revives cannot be bought and instead you can always spawn back on your squad as long as at least one teammate survives the respawn timer. At the end of the match, you are then told to secure a bunker. Here it can get a bit chaotic as all remaining players try to capture the bunker. Once a team has done that, the match ends, no matter how many players are still alive.

After the match is over, there is a short video sequence that takes us into one of the bunkers in Verdansk to a desk with a map of Caldera on it. In the rest of the video we then see new footage of the upcoming Pacific map:

All Rewards for Last Hours of Verdansk

As a reward for completing the Last Hours of Verdansk event, we get two Calling Cards.

Last Hours of Verdansk reward
Two free Calling Cards. | © Activision

That was all about the Last Hours of Verdansk event.