The Sultan's Wrath - Why Are Warzone Players So Obsessed With This Bundle?

The community was left stunned last night when the Sultan's Wrath was released by complete surprise. Here's why it's considered the greatest bundle to ever hit the store.

Sultans Wrath
We don't think they've ever been this generous with S-Tier items in a single bundle | © Activision Blizzard

We could make another argument against microtransactions here, but that's dull and uninspired, and Warzone is free, so it's entirely acceptable they sell cosmetics. Usually, though, the bundles have maybe one good item (if that) and the rest is garbage. So you feel like you're getting nickel-and-dimed. But this time...who knows? Maybe they wanted a blowout for the final season before Vanguard? Maybe someone at Activision is going to get fired?

Because this bundle has it all, and you can earn 300 CP back by completing the Sultan challenges. We really can't stress this enough - if you have points, or you want to treat yourself, get this bundle while it's in the store, there almost certainly won't be a better bundle again this year. But let's get into the items and challenges that are included.

What's Included In The Sultan's Wrath Bundle?

A ton of fantastic items:

  • Sultan's Scimitar - A perfectly built EM2 with a beautiful and reactive camo, and crimson tracer rounds
  • Secret Order - It's a KSP, so that has to be your thing, but it's a well-built KSP, and it looks fire.
  • Sultan - This is an awesome skin. It's as simple as that. A snake is wrapped around you - we don't need to elaborate further.
  • Missions - Complete 4 missions while using the Sultan skin and earn back 300 CP. Here are the challenges:
    • Using the EM2 or KSP 45. get 50 eliminations in Multiplayer or earn Slaughter Medals in Zombies. (Any kills made in Warzone also count towards this).
    • Win a Multiplayer Match, earn a top 25% placement in Battle Royale, or earn Round or Objective Milestones in Zombies 3 times.
    • Get 12 Headshot kills in Multiplayer or earn Dead Eye Medals in Zombies.
    • Earn a total of 1,000 Multiplayer Score, $15,000 Battle Royale Cash, or 25,000 Zombies Essence without dying or being drowned 3 times.
  • State of the Empire - An S-Tier watch, right up there with the K/D watch and the Tamagotchi
  • Incense Burner - This charm looks satisfyingly gold and blingy in-game, just another great little treat.
  • Sultan's Chariot - Okay, no one uses the bikes, but if you do, you've now got the best skin for them.
  • Wrath - It's not Ride of the Valkyries, but it's one of the better ones.
  • Under The Hood - If you didn't earn a seasonal prestige emblem last year, then this is one of the next best options.
  • Snakeproof - Maybe the best Calling Card we've ever seen in Warzone.

Trying to improve your game?

Are The EM2 & KSP45 Blueprints Meta?

It gives me great pleasure to confirm that yes, these are absolutely perfect meta builds, and the EM2 is shaping up to be the long-range AR of the season. Not only are you therefore guaranteed great-looking guns, but (at least in the case of the EM2) you're also getting incredibly competitive guns for your money. And the EM2 is a recent weapon, so a great many players probably don't have this leveled or maybe even unlocked yet. Just check out this build:

Sultans Scimitar
if you haven't tried an EM2 before - it absolute slaps. | © Activision Blizzard

As you can see we've got everything you want on this build, and these attachments would normally require you to grind out to level 50 before they were all unlocked.

Just to reiterate one last time - If you have the CP, get this bundle.

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