How To Assemble The Modified Rover In Call Of Duty Outbreak

Tactical Rover Modified Co D Outbreak
It's time to squad up and bring Orda down! | © Activision Blizzard

Season 4 is upon us and that means new content for CoD: Warzone and BOCW. It also means new Zombies content. Alongside a chaotic 'Zoo' region in Outbreak, we got a new Easter Egg that involves assembling a modified Rover and taking on the terrifying boss Orda.

Outbreak has been quite successful among traditional Zombies fans; it's offered a more objective-driven experience, and the Ural Mountains are a great location for the genre. So it has been good to see Treyarch continue supporting this mode throughout BOCW's lifecycle. With season 4, we also got a new Easter Egg, and these are always reliably popular among the Zombies community. This Easter Egg is for the new mission - Operation Excision. Here's how to complete it.

How To Complete The Operation Excision Easter Egg

Excision Easter Egg 1. Red Rift

  • Get through to the third world in Operation Excision.
  • Find a Red Rift - basically a portal that throws you up into the air.
  • Go through the portal, launch into the air and pull your parachute. From that height, you should see a second Red Drift - land on this Red Drift.
  • Repeat the same process as before until a Beacon Modifier spawns, a yellow light will indicate where this Beacon Modifier is.
  • Collect the Beacon Modifier.

Excision Easter Egg 2. Activate The Beacon

  • Use the Beacon Modifier on the Beacon in the region you're in.
  • You will contact Ravenov, hear his message, and be teleported to the next Region.

Excision Easter Egg 3. Secure Crashed Helicopter

  • Now in the new region, probably Sanatorium, head in the direction of Carved Hills and look for a crashed helicopter.
  • Zombies will attack you, so stay and secure the helicopter. Once they are dead, you can listen to an audio log from the chopper.
  • Once you've listened to the audio log, move on to the bridge and look for a Recon Rover, again, you will be able to hear more audio logs.

Excision Easter Egg 4. Modify The Recon Rover

  • This is quite simple, you're looking for a huge red orb, we found one in the Swimming Pool.
  • You can shoot this orb to move it, so shoot it in the direction of the Recon Rover
  • Position the orb onto the Rover to modify the vehicle.

Like keeping up to speed with all things Season 4? So do we, here's a few of the new additions in case you missed anything:

Excision Easter Egg 5. Find Aether Bunny

  • Look for a broken Mystery Box around the map, so far we've found these on the roof of the Sanitorium, by the parking lot in the southwest, and next to the armory.
  • When you approach the box, the Aether Bunny will appear, as will Zombies who you need to defend yourself from.
  • Once the Zombies are dead, the Aether Bunny can be collected.

Excision Easter Egg 6. Fight Orda

  • Take the Bunny to the Rover and you will be able to start the Rover. The orb from earlier will create a protective bubble around the vehicle.
  • When the Recon Rover reaches its final destination, you will be directed towards some intel.
  • Collect the intel, and you will begin the boss fight against Orda.

We're afraid there's no secret to beating Orda, you just need to play well and survive. So good luck out there!

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