Aether Gazer Codes (May 2023)

Want to get free rewards and unlock all the characters quickly? Check out this article for Aether Gazer codes. Here are the ones for May!

Aether Gather Codes
We collected all the Aether Gazer codes in this article! | © Aether Gazer / Yostar Games

Despite being rescheduled from 2022 to 2023, Aether Gazer continues to be one of the most highly anticipated 3D RPGs for mobile devices. While some gamers resort to using VPN and other workarounds to enjoy the game, it can be rather inconvenient. As a result, thousands of gamers eagerly await the official English (EN) release, which promises a more seamless and enjoyable experience.

If you are one of them, please check our Aether Gazer codes. As the Chinese version of the game features an extensive code system, we believe developers won't ignore codes in the global game's version.

How To Redeem Codes in Aether Gazer

As the game is yet to be officially released, we don't know what menu you should use to redeem Aether Gazer codes. On the Chinese version of the game, it is done through the special Gift Redemption menu located in the top-left corner of the screen. We highly believe that developers won't change anything in the future.

Aether Gazer Active Codes May

At the moment of writing, Aether Gazer has no active codes. The code system is presented only in the Chinese version of the game. So, keep this article on track to discover the latest Aether Gazer codes faster than others.

Aether Gazer Expired Codes May

As well as the active codes, Aether Gazer doesn't have expired codes. This list will be added to this article as it gets officially released.

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Where Do You Get Aether Gazer Codes?

We highly recommend you follow the developer's official Twitter account to get codes regularly. In addition to codes, you can also learn about the upcoming EN release here. Still, it takes much more time than sourcing codes on our website.

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