AU Reborn Codes (May 2023): Free Cash & Tokens

Roblox: AU Reborn features an extensive code system, allowing players to easily obtain cash and Tokens. Basically, you take the codes listed below, enter them into AU Reborn, and get free rewards. Here are the codes for May 2023!

AU Reborn Codes
We collected all the active and expired AU Reborn codes here. | © Roblox / AU:R

If you are an anime fan, you've probably heard about AU Reborn - one of the newest Roblox games based on anime. It was released less than a year ago but already got over 30 million visits, a good number for a newcomer in the Roblox games industry.

In this guide: learn about AU Reborn codes. Developers have been adding codes regularly since the early stages of the game. So, we have many codes to show you in this guide. Moreover, we regularly update this article to give you only the latest information about codes.

How To Redeem Codes In AU Reborn

Redeeming codes in AU Reborn differs from other games. Instead of the unique codes menu, you should use chat to claim free rewards. Have no clue how to do it properly? Check the step-by-step guide below to learn it.

  • Open Roblox and launch AU Reborn
  • Once in the game, open chat by pressing "/" on your keyboard
  • Use the command "!code" and then insert codes from our article to get special code command
  • After that, press the button Enter and redeem a code
  • Rewards will be automatically stored on your account

If, for some reason, the code doesn't work, make sure to check the spelling a few times. If everything is correct, there is a chance that the code got expired.

AU Reborn Codes Active Codes May 2023

This was last updated on May 25

Check the list below and learn active AU Reborn codes. They will bring you a lot of Cash and Tokens.

  • b41t3d - Use for Free Rewards
  • 100KLIKES! – Free Cash and Tokens (NEW)
  • ANNIVERSARYSOON – Free Cash and Tokens (NEW)
  • 70klikes - Use for Free Rewards
  • 40klikes - Use for Free Rewards
  • 20klikes - Use for Free Rewards
  • 30klikes - Use for Free Rewards
  • If you want to progress faster than others, it might be a good idea to check out the Roblox Gift Cards. They can bring you Robux to get GamePasses and valuable in-game resources.

AU Reborn codes are time-limited. If you see a code, redeem it as quickly as possible. Also, check this article regularly to get as many free rewards as possible.

AU Reborn Codes Expired Codes May 2023

Once you know all the codes for AU Reborn, let's take a look at the expired codes.
  • 5klikes - Use for Free Rewards
  • 10klikes - Use for Free Rewards

The expired codes list will likely expand in the future.

Where Do You Get AU Reborn Codes?

You can always find the latest AU Reborn codes here. Alternatively, you can check out the developers' official Twitter account. Still, they are not sorted like on our website.

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