Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Codes (June 2023): Free Gold & Diamonds

Want to get free rewards? Check out this article with active and expired Bloodline Heroes of Lithas codes. Here are the ones for June 2023!

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Codes
This article will show you active and expired Bloodline Heroes of Lithas codes! | © Goat Games

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas is one of the most exciting RPGs about building your legacy released over the last few years. The game is free-to-play and attracts millions of players worldwide, with exciting gameplay and many different rewards for every player.

In this guide: learn about Bloodline Heroes of Lithas codes, considered the best type of free rewards in the game. They are avaible since the early game stages and are regularly updated. So, make sure to check this article from time to time not to miss your rewards.

How To Redeem Codes In Bloodline Heroes of Lithas

Before discovering all the active and expired Bloodline Heroes of Lithas codes, let's look at how to redeem them. While the process is straightforward, some players have no clue how to use codes.

  1. Open Bloodline Heroes of Lithas.
  2. Once done, click on the Avatar located in the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. Press on the Settings button and open the Settings menu.
  4. After that, scroll down and press the Redemption Code button.
  5. Insert code into the text box and hit the button Redeem.
Bloodline Heroes of Lithas How to Redeem Codes
Press the Redemption Code button and use codes in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas. | © Goat Games

Voila! Rewards are on your account! Make sure to spend them wisely. Otherwise, you'll lose all the benefits from promo codes.

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Active Codes (June 2023)

This was last updated on June 6

At the moment of writing, Bloodline Heroes of Lithas has only one active code. Check this article from time to time, they will appear here as soon as possible.

  • BLDANNIVERSARY—Redeem for Diamonds, Crystal, and a Boost (New)
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Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Expired Codes (June 2023)

Once you know the active codes, check out the list below and learn about the expired ones.

  • BLDwomen
  • BLD2023
  • BLD623
  • BLD550K
  • BLD777
  • BLDDC10K

Even though these codes were highly beneficial in the past, they no longer bring any rewards. So, don't waste your time trying to redeem them.

Where Do You Get Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Codes?

We understood that free rewards are not always enough. Sometimes you might need a little bit more, which is ok. In such a case, check out the following developer's social media accounts:

Before codes appear in this article, they appear on these social media accounts. Still, developers don't separate codes like we do on our website. Therefore, getting codes from EarlyGame is always the way!

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