GTA 6 Will Reportedly Be The Most Expensive Video Game Of All Time

According to new rumors, Grand Theft Auto VI has the largest development budget of any video game in history.

GTA 6 Most Expensive game Ever
GTA 6's budget is apparently in the billions... | © Rockstar

GTA 6 is quite far along in its development, at least based on the massive leak from late-2022. But we're only now hearing the first rumors about this game's production budget. As many of you probably guessed, the budget is simply ridiculous.

For context, the most expensive game ever developed at the time of writing is Red Dead Redemption 2, which had an eye-watering budget of $540 million. But most games come in at a much lower figure. Hogwarts Legacy, for instance, was around $150 million. Now wait until you find out how much GTA 6 will cost to make.

GTA 6 Development Budget Revealed

As first reported by Dexerto, Grand Theft Auto 6 apparently has a development budget of $1-2 billion. This makes it the most expensive video game of all time, and by quite a distance.

On the one hand, the news is shocking, but on the other, this is GTA we're talking about. The game is going to be packed with massive locations, hundreds of vehicles, and revolutionary AI upgrades. And none of that is cheap to develop.

This is where all the money is going:

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