GTA 6: New Rockstar Job Listing Indicates Big Milestone For The Game

In this article, you may not learn the release date of the highly anticipated GTA 6, but we do have interesting news regarding the storyline of GTA 6. Is this a sign that we are getting closer to the game's release? Let's find out!

The release of GTA 6 coming soon? | © Rockstar Games

You know how it is with AAA game releases, the less we know, the more impatient we get. This impatience has led the community not only to analyze and speculate on the smallest aspect of the game, but also to pay attention to even the smallest decisions made by Rockstar Games. Recently, gamers discovered a real breakthrough - suggesting that GTA 6 from Rockstar Games is already in the final stages of production.

GTA 6: New Rockstar Job Listing Indicates Big Milestone For The Game

It has come to pass that gamers have come across an open recruitment for the Rockstar Games studio, which were not the usual job advertisements. The new offer concerns the position of voiceover director.

Per Rockstar Games:

Rockstar is looking for an experienced Director with a track record of crafting compelling performances for theater, TV, or film to join us in making groundbreaking video games. If you are an accomplished Director in your field with a love of games, we want to hear from you. The successful candidate will join our team in directing Voiceover as part of the Production Department at Rockstar.

The offer will state that the newly hired person should start immediately at the studio in New York. The director will be responsible for guiding actors, working with the writing and project branches responsible for structure and improving the quality of the in-game dialogues. Knowing the process of game production, we know that usually these activities are done at a very advanced stage.

Another announcement mentions a job as a 3D object scanning specialist. Specifically, this involves scanning the bodies and faces of actors taking part in the footage for the game.

All these activities are done in the final stages of production, which means that the development of the game must already be at a fairly advanced stage. In the case of GTA 5, the process was very similar.

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In conclusion, these job offers are a very promising sign when it comes to the game's development this year. GTA 6 may be closer to release than we think.

Stay tuned for new info about GTA 6!

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