Hogwarts Legacy Removed Features: Romance and Morality-System

Hogwarts Legacy removed features that would have made the game even more immersive, as a data miner reveals. The removed features concern the player's reputation, House Points and possible romance!

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The removed features in Hogwarts Legacy include House Points, a morality system and possible romance. | © Warner Bros.

The data miner GrandTheftDiamonds had a look at the Hogwarts Legacy files and discovered some hidden features that didn't make it into the game. While it isn't a secret that there should have been a companion feature, where you could have taken Sebastian, Natsai, Poppy and Amit along with you on quests, the YouTuber discovered two more.

Lost Companions

Imelda Reyes and Everett Clopton are also listed as possible companions. Two companions for Slytherin and Ravenclaw, but not Gryffindor and Hufflepuff? Seems unlikely, but voice lines indicating that they were meant to be companions can only be found for the existing four and two extra characters.

Also, there are unused voice lines from Ominis Gaunt and Professor Sharp referring to your companions. For example, Prof. Sharp notes: "I hope you won't let Mr. Clopton's penchant for mischief influence you." Yeah, sure. Never happened in the history of Hogwarts. Would it be conceivable that the plan was to get two companions to travel as a trio? After all; It's always you three!

Reputation, House Points And A Morality System

Although Hogwarts Legacy doesn't have a House Point system, the data in the game files shows that Avalanche Software was working on it. In the files, there's a long list about things which will gain and cost you House Points. You'd lose 100 points for your house if you use Avada Kedavra – whereas 100 points is the highest loss possible, it seems a little bit low considering the use of an Unforgivable Curse would get you a free ride to Azkaban...

Not every unwanted action would have led to the loss of House Points. There are certain actions in the files labelled as crimes which probably would have triggered reactions from your surroundings - depending on the severity of your crime. Not only would the number of investigators inspecting the crime scene have been affected, it would as well have applied to your reputation amongst the NPCs.

So... we weren't meant to break into people's homes and steal their stuff without consequences?

GrandTheftDiamonds found some really interesting stuff digging through the files of Hogwarts legacy.

Possible Romance

As the data miner shows us, there was also a gift-giving feature which would probably help you to improve your relationship with your companions, or maybe make up for mistakes with NPCs. As for your companions, there would have been five stages of your friendship – or maybe more?

There is a table about relationship points, which could be gained or lost depending on the social actions towards the NPCs, so you could bond with them or, well, argue. A social action called "GiveGiftRomantic" is found, as well as a category named "LoveInterest" both could be seen as hints that romantic relationships were supposed to be implemented into the game. Unfortunately, it is not clear, if these actions would be accessible for the player or were ment to be NPC-to-NPC interactions.

Everyone Hates Ominis Gaunt

Another list reveals the relations between the NPCs. It shows us that most pupils at Hogwarts really don't like Ominis Gaunt (there are more characters labeled as "hate" than "dislike") and mistrust him. There are even voice lines of your companions warning you about Ominis.

Maybe you could have gotten in the same position as Ominis, with nearly everybody mistrusting and disliking you, if the consequences for morally questionable actions would have been implemented. Probably Avalanche didn't have enough time to transfer all these features into Hogwarts Legacy, but as the GrandTheftDiamonds stated: it's all taken with a grain of salt.

What do you think; will we get some of these removed features with an update sometime?

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