Hogwarts Legacy: All Brooms & How To Get Them

What would a witch or wizard be without a broom? If you're wondering what brooms are in Hogwarts Legacy and how to get them, you've come to the right place!

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All the brooms from Hogwarts Legacy and how to get them! | © Portkey Games

Although Quidditch has been banned by Headmaster Black, you can still fly wherever you want in the world of Hogwarts Legacy. The world outside Hogwarts is huge, so you'll definitely need a broom to get around. Unfortunately, you don't have a broom at the beginning of the game, but you'll unlock one soon enough! We have an overview of all brooms for you and show you how to get them.

When And Where Do You Get Your First Broom In Hogwarts Legacy?

To unlock the broom in Hogwarts Legacy, you must first complete the main quest "Lesson: Flying". Here you'll be taught how to control it in flight. If you only complete the quests of the main story, you will already get your broom in the first hours of Hogwarts Legacy. However, you have now learned how to fly. You will not have your own broom after the mission.

Once you have completed the main quest "Lesson: Flying", you will find the side quest "Flight Test" in the quest menu. Activate it and then go to Hogsmeade. There you can visit Albie Weekes in the store "Spintwitches", which was closed before. After a short conversation you can buy your first own broom from him! At the beginning he has five brooms on offer for 600 galleons each.

If you have chosen a broom, you can call it from now on and use it to fly. However, this is not possible everywhere. Note that you cannot summon your broom within Hogsmeade or Hogwarts.

All Brooms In Hogwarts Legacy

There are a total of 13 brooms in Hogwarts Legacy and they all have the same speed. None of them is faster than the other, the only difference is their appearance. However, you can upgrade and improve each of these brooms. You can buy these five brooms from Spintwitches:

  • Yew Weaver Broom: 600 Galleons
  • Hogwarts House Broom: 600 Galleons
  • Moon Trimmer Broom: 600 Galleons
  • Wind Wisp Broom: 600 Galleons
  • Ember Dash Broom: 600 Galleons

You unlock more brooms when you find so-called balloon sets on the world map and burst them. This unlocks the "Pop the Balloons" challenge.

Night Dancer BroomPop 2 sets of balloons
  • South of Lower Hogsfield
  • West of Keenbridge
Lickety Swift BroomPop 5 sets of balloons
  • West of Lower Hogsfield
  • North of Quidditch-Feld
  • In the North, next to Pitt-Upon-Ford
  • East of Pitt-Upon-Ford
  • Above of Upper Hogsfield
Wild Fire BroomPop 10 sets of balloons
  • East behind the train tracks near Aranshire
  • South of Aranshire
  • North of Brocburrow
  • Northeast of Keenbridge
  • South of Fast Travel: Eye of the Mine
  • South in the canyon in front of Irondale
  • South of Fast Travel: Catacombes of Feldcroft
  • Southeast of Feldcroft
  • South of Feldcroft, Southeast of Fast Travel: South-Feldcroft above the water.
  • In the North of Castle Rookwood
Bright Spark BroomPop 15 sets of balloons
  • Above the train station of Hogsmeade
  • around the Quidditch field
  • North of Castle Rookwood, in the narrow canyon, that leads towards Lower Hogsfield
  • At the Fast Travel: South-Feldcroft, a little bit south in the sky
  • West of Lower Hogsfield
  • Near the Keenbridge-Turms, East of Keenbridge

You can get four more brooms at different stores in Poidsear Coast, north of Feldcroft town and in in Hogsmeade Valley. For the last one you first need to complete the side quest "Carted Away" before it is available from Arn in Hogwarts Vally region. The brooms are not exactly cheap:

  • Family Antique Broom: 2500 Gold
  • Aeromancer Broom: 3000 Gold
  • Sky Scythe Broom: 5000 Gold
  • Silver Arrow Broom: 5000 Gold

How To Upgrade Your Broom In Hogwarts Legacy

The first broom upgrade costs you 1000 gold and gives you more acceleration and speed. But you can improve your broom even more!

After you buy a broom for the first time, you begin a series of side quests that you receive from Albie Weekes at Spintwitches in Hogsmeade. These side quests require you to test the broom upgrades in a series of timed races against Imelda Reyes, a Slytherin student. To beat Imelda's times, you'll need to fly through the golden bubbles as you complete the race. These bubbles fill up your boost and increase your speed for a short period of time.

After you complete the time trials, you will return to Albie Weekes and he will start working on the next broom upgrade. You must complete three time trials to be able to purchase the three broom upgrades. These upgrades increase the speed of all the brooms you own, not just the broom you have equipped.

And that was all about the brooms in Hogwarts Legacy. We wish you a safe flight!

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