Hogwarts Legacy Introduces First Transgender Character

In Hogwarts Legacy there is a transgender character, Sirona Ryan, a witch that you can meet and interact with. However, sources claim that the character was only added because of the controversy surrounding the game.

Hogwarts legacy trans character
Meet Sirona Ryan, the first transgender character in Hogwarts Legacy. | © WB Games

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the biggest game releases of 2023. However, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has caused considerable controversy with her repeated transphobic remarks, which she regularly shares with her millions of Twitter followers.

After Rowling's comments, the game's developers distanced themselves from the author and clarified that she was not involved in HL's development. This hasn't stopped some fans from calling for a boycott of Hogwarts Legacy. Some claim that buying the game amounts to supporting Rowling's transphobic views. Regardless, the developers continue to work to separate themselves from Rowling's transphobic views, and have even included a transgender character in the game.

Sirona Ryan is Hogwarts Legacy's First Transgender Character

In Hogwarts Legacy, players can travel to Hogsmeade, a small magical village that is relatively close to Hogwarts. Here you can find the famous Three Broomsticks inn, which the characters from the Harry Potter universe keep visiting in the books and movies. When the players of Hogwarts Legacy visit the inn, they'll have the opportunity to meet the owner, Sirona Ryan.

Please note that the video contains spoilers:

Ryan is involved in some quests in Hogwarts Legacy, but otherwise doesn't play a significant role in the game. However, in a conversation with her, players can learn a little more about her background. When asked why she would trust another character in the game, Ryan replies that he knew her before her transformation. They hadn't seen each other in years, but when they ran into each other again, he recognized her immediately. "That's more than I can say for some of my classmates. It took them a second to realize I was actually a witch, not a wizard," Ryan explains.

The decision to include a transgender character in Hogwarts Legacy has drawn mixed reactions. Some have praised Avalanche for this move, seeing it as a rebellion against J.K. Rowling's transphobic views. However, there are also those who claim that the only reason for including the transgender character in Hogwarts Legacy was to appease and control the controversy.

Be that as it may, Sirona Ryan isn't the first or only transgender character in video games, but it seems that she's on her way to becoming the most famous by causing such a stir due to the aforementioned controversy.

Early Access for Hogwarts Legacy has already started, and no later than February 10, 2023, when the game is fully released, we'll find out how the fan community will react to Hogwarts Legacy's transgender character.

What do you think about Hogwarts Legacy? Will you boycott the game or buy it?

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