Harry Potter Fans Shocked: Hogwarts Legacy Reviews Are Outstanding

Hogwarts Legacy was getting so much pre-release hype that it seemed almost destined to fail, but the first reviews are in and they're unanimously positive.

Hogwarts Legacy Reviews
The "Rita Skeeters" of this world have just published their first reviews, and the they love Hogwarts Legacy! | © Portkey Games

Hogwarts Legacy is releasing today (at least for those who pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition). And in between all the frantic discussions online about wands and talents, a ton of reviews are being published now.

So, you're probably wondering: Do critics like the new Harry Potter RPG? Put simply, yes. It might not be perfect, but it looks like we can now confirm that this won't be a Cyberpunk situation.

Hogwarts Legacy Receives 86/100 Critic Score On Metacritic

Hogwarts Legacy has received great reviews from the critics, averaging 86/100, and making it into the top 30 most highly rated PS5 games of all time. This is the result fans were hoping for, but we doubt many expected it. The game just seemed too ambitious for its own good, but apparently Avalanche have pulled it off.

The worst review we could find was from Games.cz, who gave the game only 70/100, because they didn't like the story. Whereas the best review, from MeuPlayStation, gave the game a perfect 100/100 and had this to say:

If you grew up a Harry Potter fan and still keep Hogwarts in your heart, this is probably a dream come true. Hogwarts Legacy is exactly what you'd expect from an open-world RPG within that universe.

Naturally, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. But if "the truth" is in the mid-80s, that sounds like a game fans should be content with.

How good are you expecting Hogwarts Legacy to be? Is this all just launch-day excitement, or is really that dope?

No wonder the game is so highly regarded with these kinds of features:

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