Chat Bullies Streamer For Playing Hogwarts Legacy To The Point Where His Girlfriend Starts Crying

During their Twitch stream, playing Hogwarts Legacy, this streamer and his girlfriend were harassed so bad, that she started crying, and he cut the broadcast short.
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Poor Matt & Shelby... | © Girlfriend Reviews via YouTube, Warner Bros.

Hogwarts Legacy just released and a bunch of streamers decided to stream the highly anticipated game, despite the controversy surrounding it. This now came back to bite a streamer couple, as their chat got so bad, they had to cut the broadcast short.

The game was already controversial before its release, as the franchise is always associated with the author of the original work, J.K. Rowling, that is widely considered as a trans-exclusionary radical feminist (TERF) due to multiple transphobic comments online.

This led to a big uproar as popular streamers declared their intent to play the game and therefore support an anti-trans spokesperson.

If you're wondering how that little excursion is related to the topic at hand, bear with me.

Twitch Streamers Girlfriend Reviews Get Berated For Playing Hogwarts Legacy

On February 6, the wholesome YouTuber Duo, Matt and Shelby a.k.a. Girlfriend Reviews declared that they are going to be playing Hogwarts Legacy on their Twitch channel.

The two of them probably weren't expecting the stream to turn against them, as they wanted to use the stream to raise money for the Trevor Project, a support service for young LGBTQ people.

However, during the stream, Matt and Shelby were being verbally attacked to the point where Matt considered cutting the stream short and Shelby had to step away from the stream.

“I’m almost thinking of just going offline. I’m barely into the second combat here and every time I look at chat, the conversation is just bothering me”.

Shelby got considerably more upset, sounding like she was on the verge of tears, saying: “maybe we can do a quick be right back, or a little break or something.”

The clip has since been posted on Reddit, and most of the users there are defending the two and calling out the negative comments.

So far, the two of them haven't made a public statement on whether they are going to continue streaming Hogwarts Legacy, but if they do, let's hope it is going to be a less stressful stream that raises a lot of money for the Trevor Project!

  • If you want to support young LGBTQ people, or maybe you are a part of the LGBTQ youth, consider visiting the Trevor Project. Maybe your support will help provide them with the affirmation and love they deserve as a human being!

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