Hogwarts Legacy: How To Unlock Puzzle Doors

In Hogwarts Legacy, puzzle doors are among of the first riddles you'll face, and you of course need to unlock them to proceed in the game. Here's a little guide on how to correctly interpret the mysterious symbols to open the door.

Symbol doory hogwarts legacy
Puzzle fun in Hogwarts Legacy with the symbol doors | © WB Games

We just started our journey in Hogwarts Legacy, full of motivation to explore everything and then boom... first riddle. The puzzle doors can cause players to despair, so let me show you a guide on how to solve them.

For those that do not want the solution handed to them, here's a tip: All animals represent a number!

Hogwarts Legacy Guide: How To Unlock The Puzzle Doors

Truly did not think I would have to do math in Hogwarts. I guess my teachers always said you'll need it in daily life. Turns out they were right... sort of. Let me explain the principle behind the symbol doors in Hogwarts Legacy:

When you examine any of these doors, you will get two triangles with numbers or symbols at each corner and one large number in the middle. In short, this means that the big number is the sum of all corners, but one number will always be missing. So to open the door, you need to find the right number for the equation to work.

If you spell it out like this, it sounds pretty simple, but of course there's one final obstacle: the animal symbols and how they factor in. An easy guess is that all animals have to be a number and that is correct.

Somewhere near the door you will find two knobs in the wall with question marks. When you examine them, they rotate through some of the animal symbols. So find the right one and then examine the door again.

Most people will start to count from 1-10 from the left bottom of the door arch. This is sadly not correct. If you go to the Bell Tower Wing near the puzzle doors, you can find a parchment paper with the solution to this question.

Hogwarts Legacy Puzzle Doors: All Symbol-Number-Combinations

The counting actually starts at 0 and goes up to 9. Here's a little cheat sheet for you:


And that's all you need to know on our mysterious symbol doors. Now off you go to open all of them while exploring Hogwarts!

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