Hogwarts Legacy: All Beasts And How To Capture Them

The Hogwarts Legacy world is filled with magical creatures, adorable animals and various other fantastic beasts. In this article, we have all the animals and beasts for you, as well as a guide on how to catch them.

Hogwarts Legacy Beasts
From the large and dangerous to the outright adorable, these are the beasts of Hogwarts Legacy (and how to capture them). | © Portkey Games

Hogwarts Legacy will offer players a chance to experience the wizarding world of Hogwarts Castle, with the inclusion of many magical creatures and beasts as a prominent aspect of their journey. Fans of Harry Potter will find themselves in familiar territory, as some of the creatures are taken from the Fantastic Beasts or Harry Potter series. As players explore the game, they will encounter various magical beasts, some of which may be more friendly than others. These creatures will play a crucial role in players' adventures in the wizarding world.

In Hogwarts Legacy, players can catch a total of 13 creatures: Diricawl, Fwooper, Giant Purple Toad, Graphorn, Hippogriff, Jobberknoll, Kneazle, Mooncalf, Niffler, Puffskein, Thestral, Unicorn, and Phoenix. Some of these creatures can even be ridden as mounts.

Hogwarts Legacy Talents Explained

Additionally, it's important to note that there are various color variations to choose from if you're looking to complete your collection. For example, color-coded Nifflers are sure to be a popular choice among players.

To discover the fantastic beasts in Hogwarts Legacy, keep an eye out for the paw print icons on the open world map. These icons indicate the location of animal dens, which often have charming details, such as Niffler dens overflowing with collected coins.

How To Catch Beasts In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy will instruct players on how to catch beasts through a main story mission called "The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom." This mission will introduce players to Deek who will give them a magical Nab Sack similar to Newt Scamander's enchanted briefcase from the "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" movies. With the Nab Sack, players will have the opportunity to play as a Magizoologist and save endangered creatures from poachers.

To use the Nab Sack to catch creatures, players must equip it like a spell and then cast it by aiming and firing at the creature they wish to catch. The process of using the Nab Sack functions similarly to casting a spell in the game.

It's important to keep in mind that if a creature tries to run away, players can use the spells Accio or Levioso to keep it in place before using the Nab Sack to catch it. This aspect of the game makes the Harry Potter universe feel like a Pokémon-style game.

How To Ride & Get Mounts At Hogwarts Legacy

When can you start riding a Hippogriff or some other mount in Hogwarts Legacy? The ability to ride mounts will be unlocked after completing the main quest, "The High Keep." Upon completing this mission, which involves working with Natty to rescue Hippogriffs, you will be able to ride one at any time and also gain access to any other mounts you may have received as a pre-order bonus, like the Thestral.

Later in the game, after finishing San Bakar's Trial, you will also be able to ride a Graphorn. So, you'll have plenty of options for riding powerful beasts.

There are three different mounts available in Hogwarts Legacy, including the Hippogriff, Thestral, and Graphorn. To see how you obtain each mount, check out our guide on Hogwarts Legacy mounts!

Beasts In Hogwarts Legacy

The Diricawl

Where to find a den: Hogwarts Valley (see video guide)
Diricawl Feathers
Used for:
Upgrading gear and making traits

One interesting bird | © Warner Bros.

The Fwooper

Where to find a den: Marunweem(see video guide)
Produces: Fwooper Feather
Used for: Upgrading gear and making traits

One super-pink bird | © Warner Bros.

The Giant Purple Toad

A big magical toad with wart that are beneficial in creating potions can be found in a group of them located to the south of the map near Aranshire and in the Forbidden Forest.

Where to find a den: West Forbidden Forest (see video guide)
Toad Warts
Used for:
Upgrading gear and making traits

Giant Purple Toad
Maybe purple is a matter of opinion... she looks very unfriendly to me | © Warner Bros.

The Graphorn

Where to find a den: Southern Calgmar Coast (see video guide)
Graphorn Horn
Used for:
Upgrading gear and making traits

The Graphorn seems to be calm | © Warner Bros.

The Hippogriff

Where to find a den: Feldcroft (see video guide)
Hippogriff Feather
Used for:
Upgrading gear and making traits

The Jobberknoll

Where to find a den: Upper Hogsfield (see video guide)
Jobberknoll Feather
Used for:
Upgrading gear and making traits

Perhaps the quietest bird you will never hear | © Warner Bros.

The Kneazle

Where to find a den: Irondale (see video guide)
s: Kneazle Fur
Used for:
Upgrading gear and making traits

One fluffy cute cat | © Warner Bros.

The Mooncalf

Where to find a den: Pitt-upon-Ford (see video guide)
Mooncalf Fur
Used for:
Upgrading gear and making traits


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The Niffler

Where to find a den: Feldcroft Catacomb (see video guide)
Niffler fur
Used for:
Upgrading gear and making traits

The Niffler is a tiny, furry creature that loves to collect shiny objects and is known for causing chaos. They can be found in the Hogwarts Valley, and they store their treasures in a pouch similar to that of a marsupial.

Looks like Perry the platypus only without his hat but at least as intelligent | © Warner Bros.

The Puffskein

Where to find a den: Jackdaw's Tomb (see video guide)
Puffskein Fur
Used for:
Upgrading gear and making traits

Remind us a little bit of Soot Spirits form My Neighbor Totoro | © Warner Bros.

The Thestral

Where to find a den: North Ford Bog (see video guide)
Thestral Hair
Used for:
Upgrading gear and making traits

The Thestral is a ghostly, winged horse that can only be seen by those who have experienced death. In Hogwarts Legacy, players will not only encounter Thestrals but also have the opportunity to use them as a mount.

A not so beautiful winged horse, like a naked cat | © Warner Bros.

The Unicorn

Where to find den: Forbidden Forrest (see video guide)
Unicorn Hair
Used for:
Upgrading gear and making traits

A very famous fantasy creature which can not be missing | © Warner Bros.

The Phoenix

Getting a Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy requires a bit of effort. Unlike other creatures, there isn't a Phoenix den on the map that you can find. To obtain a Phoenix, you need to finish all of Deek's side quests, including the final one named "Phoenix Rising".

Players need to reach level 20 and complete Niamh Fitzgerald's Trial and Deek's Foal of the Dead side quest. Only then will you be able to unlock the Phoenix Rising quest, which is the final side quest for Deek. Upon completion of the quest, you will finally be able to add the Phoenix to your collection of mounts. Here you can check the guide to get him!

A legendary companion | © Warner Bros.

The Vivarium Problem

During the mission that introduces the task of catching creatures, you will also be granted access to a Vivarium in the Room of Requirement. You'll soon realize that you cannot keep every animal species in your Vivarium. The Vivarium has a limited capacity, allowing only four species at a time. But, there is a solution to this problem. Instead of expanding the existing Vivarium, you can unlock additional Vivariums for the Room of Requirement.

To unlock the second Vivarium located in a coastal area, you need to complete the side mission "The Plight of the House-Elf," which becomes available after completing the main mission "The High Keep."

To access the third Vivarium, which is a swamp biome, you must finish the side quest "Foal of the Dead", which becomes available after completing the main story chapter "Charles Rookwood's Trial."

Once you have all three Vivariums, you will be able to house all species securely, avoiding any poachers. By using the tricks taught by Deek to feed and groom your animals, you can receive resources like feathers and fur, which can be used to upgrade your gear or make traits at The Loom.

In case you end up with more creatures than you can handle, you can sell your spare animals to the store "Brood and Peck" in Hogsmeade. The store promises to find good homes for them, so you don't have to worry about putting your beloved creatures in a harmful situation.

Have fun finishing your beasts collection!