Omega Strikers Codes (May 2023): Free Emoticons

Want to get exclusive Emoticons? Well, you've come to the right place. This guide shows all the working Omega Strikers codes for May 2023!

Omega Strikers Codes
Read this guide and get all free Emoticons in Omega Strikers. | © Odyssey Interactive Inc

If you've ever pondered what a fusion of Brawl Stars and football would entail, then you may not yet be familiar with Omega Strikers. This game, which debuted in September 2022, has garnered immense popularity ever since. It can be enjoyed across various platforms, including consoles and mobile devices.

In this guide: learn about Omega Strikers codes. Codes can be used to get valuable interesting Emoticons used during the battle. Moreover, new codes appear regularly, and the list of possible rewards constantly expands.

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How To Redeem Codes in Omega Strikers

Redeeming Omega Strikers significantly differ from Roblox and other video games shown on our website. Check the list below and learn how to redeem codes in Omega Strikers.

  1. Open Omega Strikers.
  2. Head to the store menu in the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. At the bottom of the store menu, find the button Coupon and press it.
  4. Insert code into the appeared text box.
  5. Press the button Submit and claim your rewards.
Omega Strikers How To Redeem Codes
Redeem Omega Strikers codes through the Store menu. | © Odyssey Interactive Inc

Consider that it is impossible to use codes if you are a beginner. You must complete a few missions before the Store is unlocked.

Omega Strikers Active Codes (May 2023)

This was last updated on May 25

Once you know how to redeem codes, check the list below and learn all the active codes that can be used for free Emoticons. Consider that developers regularly add new codes. So, try to check this article from time to time not to miss any rewards.

  • 5UP - Use code for Placeholder 4 Emoticon
  • MoistVS – creator skin
  • RakinVS – creator skin
  • LilyVS – creator skin
  • ASU - Use code for ASU Esports Association Emoticon
  • BLAU - Use code for Blau3 Emoticon
  • BOSTON - Use code for Boston College Gaming Emoticon
  • BRUINGG - Use code for Bruin Gaming Emoticon
  • CHICO - Use code for Chico Emoticon
  • CMU - Use code for CMU Emoticon
  • CODE - Use code for Placeholder2 Emoticon
  • COMFY - Use code for Lily Emoticon
  • COOG - Use code for COOG Emoticon
  • DRLUPO - Use code for DrLupo Emoticon
  • DUCKY - Use code for Ducky Emoticon
  • DUSSELDORF - Use code for Dusseldorf Emoticon
  • DYRUS - Use code for Dyrus Emoticon
  • ENVIOSITY - Use code for Enviosity Emoticon
  • ESPORTSFS - Use code for Esports Club at Florida State Emoticon
  • ETSU - Use code for ETSU Emoticon
  • FANSHAWE - Use code for FANSHAWE Emoticon
  • FGCU - Use code for FGCU Emoticon
  • GARDENSTATE - Use code for Garden State Esports Emoticon
  • GCU - Use code for GCU Esports Emoticon
  • GEORGIATECH - Use code for GT Esport Emoticon
  • HAFU - Use code for Hafu Emoticon
  • HAMBURGER - Use code for Hamburger Emoticon
  • HARRISBURG - Use code for Harrisburg University of Science and Technology Emoticon
  • IEN - Use code for IEN Emoticon
  • IHSEA - Use code for IHSEA Esports Emoticon
  • ILLINI - Use code for Illini Esports Emoticon
  • INDIANA - Use code for INDIANA Emoticon
  • KEAN - Use code for Kean University Emoticon
  • KING - Use code for King Emoticon
  • LESLERS - Use code for Fuslie Emoticon
  • LIBERTY - Use code for Liberty Esports Emoticon
  • MOIST - Use code for Moist Emoticon
  • MSSTATE - Use code for Mississippi State University Esports Emoticon
  • NECRIT - Use code for Placeholder Emoticon
  • NEMU - Use code for Nemu Emoticon
  • NINER - Use code for NINER Emoticon
  • NVCC - Use code for Northern Virginia Community College Emoticon
  • NWCIOWA - Use code for Northwestern College Emoticon
  • OHIOSTATE - Use code for Ohio State University Emoticon
  • HNORTHERN - Use code for Ohio Northern University Esports Emoticon
  • OKWESLEYAN - Use code for Oklahoma Wesleyan University Emoticon
  • ONIGRI - Use code for Onigri Emoticon
  • PURDUE - Use code for Purdue University Gamers Group Emoticon
  • RAKIN - Use code for Rakin Emoticon
  • RAYDITZ - Use code for Rayditz Emoticon
  • RUTGERS - Use code for Rutgers Esports Emoticon
  • RWU - Use code for Roger Williams University Emoticon
  • SHERIDAN - Use code for Sheridan Esports Emoticon
  • SLIPPERYROCK - Use code for Slippery Rock Esports Emoticon
  • SPARTANS - Use code for Spartans Emoticon
  • STCLAIR - Use code for Saint Clair University Esports Emoticon
  • STLOUIS - Use code for Saint Louis University Esports Emoticon
  • SYKKUNO - Use code for Sykkuno Emoticon
  • TACO - Use code for IKeepItTaco Emoticon
  • TEMPLE - Use code for Temple Esports Emoticon
  • TNTECH - Use code for TNTECH Emoticon
  • TORI - Use code for Tori Emoticon
  • TRITON - Use code for TRITON Emoticon
  • TUONTO - Use code for Tuonto Emoticon
  • TXST - Use code for TXST Esports Emoticon
  • UBC - Use code for UBC Emoticon
  • UCF - Use code for UCF Esports Emoticon
  • UCSB - Use code for UCSB Emoticon
  • UNCCH - Use code for UNC Chapel Hill Esports Emoticon
  • UOTTAWA - Use code for uOttawa Esports Emoticon
  • UWRF - Use code for UWRF Esports Emoticon
  • UWSTOUT - Use code for UW Stout Esports Emoticon
  • VIENNA - Use code for Vienna Emoticon
  • WATERLOO - Use code for Waterloo Warriors Emoticon
  • WICHITA - Use code for WICHITA Emoticon
  • WILDCATS - Use code for Wildcats Emoticon
  • WINTHROP - Use code for Winthrop University Emoticon

As you can see, the list of Omega Striker codes is significant. You'll need a lot of time to redeem all these codes and claim rewards.

Omega Strikers Expired Codes (May 2023)

There are currently no expired codes for Omega Strikers.

  • At the moment of writing, Omega Strikers doesn't feature expired codes. The list will be updated soon.

Where Do You Get Omega Strikers Codes?

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In addition to codes, you can also find the latest news and helpful information about Omega Strikers via these channels.

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