PUBG Codes (May 2023): Free Skins & Silver Fragments

The developers of PUBG Mobile give free codes to the community every month. These codes can be redeemed in PUBG Mobile for in-game cosmetics, as well as other goodies like weapons and crates.

PUBG Mobile header codes
PUBG Mobile: Get free codes for some great rewards! | © Krafton

You want some free skins, weapons and crates in PUBG Mobile? Then you'll want to keep reading, because the developers of PUBG Mobile often give out some codes with which players can redeem all the above-mentioned cosmetics and goodies.

During holiday events or in-game promos the PUBG Mobile developers like to fork over some codes for free stuff. Even if a big pink bunny suit might not help you win a round of PUBG Mobile, at least you'll be the most stylish person in the entire game.

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PUBG Mobile: How Do You Redeem These Codes?

First and foremost, once you've got your codes for freebies, you'll need to know just how to redeem them, right? Thankfully you can even redeem these codes on your computer if you don't have your phone on you right now!

Follow these easy steps and you'll be just that much richer in PUBG Mobile:

  1. Start up PUBG Mobile on your phone
  2. Find your Character ID next to your profile icon
  3. Go to the official PUBG Mobile Redemption Center website
  4. Enter the PUBG Mobile redeem code
  5. Complete security verification
  6. Press "Redeem" button
PUBG Redemption center
PUBG Codes: This is what the Redemption Center looks like. | © Krafton

It's that simple. Those steps are going to make you a little richer, but now the most important question remains, are there any codes available right now for PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Codes - Active Codes (May 2023)

Here are the codes which are currently active in PUBG Mobile. Of course, you'll have to act quick and use them as soon as possible because they will only be available for a short amount of time. We don't get codes that are available for a long time, unfortunately.

These codes were last updated on May 25.
  • RollingInMoney (New)
  • HealthAndHappines (New)
  • HappyGoldenMoon

Right now you've only got one code to use for some free rewards in PUBG Mobile. More will be on the way soon though, so make sure to check back each month for any new content.

PUBG Codes Only Available For Specific Time Frame

With the amount of content in PUBG, there are also quite a lot of expired codes floating around there. PUBG Mobile was released in 2018 and the amount of expired codes have accumulated in the five years the game has been active, so there are just way too many to name here.

Just make sure to redeem the current active code for PUBG as soon as possible for the most rewards possible, since they won't be active for forever.

Where Do You Get Codes For PUBG?

If you're looking for codes and want a trusted source, other than ourselves of course, then you should definitely head to the developer's official social media channels to find out any information on upcoming events and in-game promotions happening in PUBG Mobile.

If you want to get new codes the second they come out, check the social media channels of the devs, where you can sometimes find new codes:

And there you have it, everything you need to know about codes in PUBG Mobile.

With five years under its belt and a strong esports scene, PUBG has cemented itself as a leader in mobile esports, and will continue to be one of the most played games out there, so expect even more goodies to be given out this year as we celebrate five years of PUBG Mobile!

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