Rage of Destiny Codes (June 2023)

Want to get Rage of Destiny freebies? Check out this guide and discover Rage of Destiny codes for June 2023. They can be very helpful!

Rage of Destiny Codes
Scroll down to find active and expired Rage of Destiny codes. They can be very helpful! | © IGG.COM

Who doesn't like free rewards? We bet 90% of gamers do, and Rage of Destiny players are not an exception. As the game requires many resources through the in-game progression, freebies can be useful for beginners and advanced players. The best type of freebies available for every player so far is Rage of Destiny codes.

Players can use codes for Diamonds, Coins, and other valuable in-game resources from the beginning. This article is regularly updated, so check it from time to time not to miss any valuable freebies. It doesn't take much time, but it can be very helpful!

How To Redeem Codes in Rage of Destiny

Struggle to redeem codes in Rage of Destiny? Keep reading this article to discover how to use codes properly.

  1. Open Rage of Destiny and complete the tutorial
  2. Press on your Avatar icon located in the top-left corner of the screen
  3. From here, navigate to Settings
  4. Tap on the button Code to open the Codes menu
  5. Insert the code into a newly appeared text box
  6. Press the button Confirm to activate the code
Rage of Destiny How To Redeem Codes
The in-game codes menu. Players can use their codes right here. | © IGG.COM

Consider that freebies from codes are not stored on your account automatically. They are added and stored on your in-game mail for 14 days. Afterwards, codes are permanently deleted.

Rage of Destiny Active Codes (June 2023)

This was last updated on June 29

Rage of Destiny has no active codes at the time of writing. New codes will appear here soon. Thus, keep this article on track not to miss any valuable rewards.

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Rage of Destiny Expired Codes (June 2023)

If someone suggests using the code, but it doesn't bring any rewards, check the list below. We've collected all the expired Rage of Destiny codes here.

  • ROD777
  • welcometorod
  • RP38ZU
  • RA3ZHZ
  • MNBK9G
  • 4DYDXP
  • 9T5E4H
  • 4AA5P6
  • TQXT9X
  • 8H8X2B
  • ZCJM55
  • N5XXU6
  • 8A8FKT
  • MKV937
  • ZJV872
  • ZXP3V9
  • U5U6DT
  • SK53YQ
  • 5HYJTD
  • UPGZR3
  • NY2023ROD
  • ZZKV3C
  • SDNQ40
  • Y8UK3C
  • F8TW8W
  • 5SHCU5
  • X8F7B8
  • TWTU3P
  • ETE6U4
  • GJH877
  • 9FHFE5
  • RAJN5C
  • SRFDN3
  • 9MFMQ5
  • NM6F44
  • SEWH5T
  • M8GW4Q
  • RSN9GM
  • RYKQ88
  • 4E5HNC
  • u8hxyu
  • df34eg
  • AF6N4U
  • PHXE6D
  • SX9944
  • 7VC75G
  • SU25KH
  • KaliGift
  • A5MKQY
  • NICE18DC
  • ZRQQ2D
  • J5M42W
  • RQTXU9
  • K8V3FA
  • HAN4NR
  • CON10KDC
  • 3V4574
  • RODNY22
  • Z2EYD6
  • H9RXE3
  • G8JKO2
  • L3VQT9
  • O1KLP4
  • CCZSM4
  • E4D9AB
  • DC5000
  • Thanksgiving
  • QWQ9FH
  • DUT2JX
  • Halloween
  • C6EDGM
  • midautumn
  • victory
  • 2021fathersday
  • G4BPS7
  • 8PN7X8
  • CE7VS9
  • WV28TK
  • 9A53N2
  • posada
  • discord777
  • discord500

As these codes no longer bring any rewards, there is no point in redeeming them. It's a waste of time.

Where Do You Get Rage of Destiny Codes?

As rewards provided by Rage of Destiny codes are insufficient, we understand you might be looking for more freebies. Don't mind checking the Rage of Destiny Facebook account in such a case. In addition to codes, here you can find the regular giveaways for Diamonds.

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