Soul Land Reloaded Codes (September, 2023): Free Shards & Exclusive Rewards

Soul Land Reloaded offers free codes that players can redeem for shards and other rewards.

Sold Land Codes
Soul Land Reloaded offers free codes to players that access exclusive rewards. | ©ACNGames

Soul Land Reloaded is an Android-exclusive title that sees players experience a full-fledged role-playing game right from their mobile device. Players can partake in battles with players on other servers, build their own cities, collect new gear, and progress their character with various builds and traits.

While all of this can be achieved by grinding the game, players will find that Soul Land Reloaded requires a ton of hours to even make a small amount of progress in the main story. Luckily, the developers of the Android title offer free codes to active players that give them access to exclusive rewards, in-game currency, and more.

Soul Land Reloaded Active Codes (September 2023)

These codes were last updated on September 20

All of the codes listed below have been confirmed to be working as of early September 2023. We will list the code you need to redeem followed by the reward that comes with it.

  • GQKLY - Use the code for 2 Sword Of Life Shards
  • DXZBN - Use the code for Free Rewards
  • WSMWMQD - Use the code for 2 Peerless Guanyin Tears Shards
  • TYWJA - Use the code for 2 Moonlight Deer Shards
  • JSKQLSF - Use the code for 2 Peerless Peacock Feather Shards
  • ZDLSXB - Use the code for Free Rewards
  • NLHJSF - Use the code for Free Rewards
  • WBYMTSH - Use the code for Free Rewards
  • NLHJSF - Use the code for Free Rewards
  • BHFQGJ - Use the code for 2 Divine King Ma Hongjun Shards

There are a plethora of expired codes for Soul Land Reloaded, so make sure you're only using the ones above in September 2023. You should act fast, though, as these codes could expire at any time and join the other inactive ones.

How To Redeem Soul Land Reloaded Codes

If you want to see exactly how to redeem any code in Soul Land Reloaded, follow the steps below.

  • Launch the game and go to the main lobby screen
  • Press the Avatar icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen
  • Choose the System Settings option and then press "Redeem Code"
  • Enter one of the active codes above and then press "Redeem"
  • Your code will now be added to your account

And it's that easy to redeem free rewards for your character in Soul Land Reloaded.