Space Leaper Cocoon Codes (May 2023): Free Rewards

Get bored of playing Space Leaper Cocoon and want to progress faster? Well, Space Leaper Cocoon Codes might spice up things and make the game interesting again. Here are all the codes for May!

Space Leaper Tycoon
This guide shows all Space Leaper active codes! | © Space Leaper Cocoon / NATASKY GAMES LIMITED

Space Leaper Cocoon holds a prominent reputation among enthusiasts of mobile card-based RPGs. Set in the year 3230, this game immerses players in an intergalactic journey where they must seize command of the Leapers, explore uncharted realms, and undertake a multitude of demanding missions that defy automated combat.

In this guide: learn about Space Leaper Cocoon codes. They are available for every player and bring valuable rewards that can simplify completing missions, even for experienced players.

How To Redeem Codes in Space Leaper Cocoon

Before you learn all the codes for Space Leaper Cocoon, let's talk about how you can redeem codes.

  1. Open Space Leaper Cocoon.
  2. Once done, head to the main menu and do a right swipe two times.
  3. Find the Settings button in the appeared menu and press it.
  4. Once done, find the button Exchange Code.
  5. Press this button, and then insert the code into a particular text box.
  6. From here, you only need to press the button Redeem to get a free reward.
How To Redeem Space Leaper Cocoon Codes
This is where you can redeem codes in Space Leaper Cocoon. | © Space Leaper Cocoon / NATASKY GAMES LIMITED

The code system in Space Leaper Cocoon is inactive. Codes are rarely updated, and finding many active codes for the game is pretty challenging. Still, feel free to check this article regularly not to miss any valuable rewards.

Space Leaper Cocoon Active Codes May

These codes were last updated on May 22.

Want to get free rewards, but have no clue which code to use? Check the list below and learn all the active Space Leaper Cocoon codes.

  • BS_SL2022 - Use for Free Rewards
  • 2THEMOON - Use for Free Rewards

As the game doesn't have many codes yet, we recommend you regularly visit this article. New codes will appear, and we will add them to this list as quickly as possible.

Space Leaper Cocoon Expired Codes May

Once you know the active codes, let's learn about the expired ones. The list is much more extensive. So, pay attention to it.

  • SARIEL0109
  • EGGE0105
  • KATE1117

These codes don't feature any rewards anymore. Still, they might become working again.

Where Do You Get Space Leaper Cocoon Codes?

If you still need more cash, visit the official developer's Twitter and Facebook accounts. Sometimes, developers release new codes via Twitter. Still, reading this article is a way more comfortable way to get codes.

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