Twitch Streamer Terrified Of Ban As Woman Tries To Flash The Camera

This Twitch streamer had a tough time on the beach, as one of the people there apparently wanted to flash her camera during a livestream.

Nicole T
Twitch streamer almost gets more than she bargained for | © NicoleT

Twitch partner TheNicoleT had an IRL jump scare during her IRL stream on the beach, when a passerby offered to show her boobs, leaving the female streamer panicked as she walked off.

TheNicoleT is a well known Just Chatting and ASMR streamer, who was able to rack up 1.3 million followers on Twitch. During a recent broadcast, she was doing some IRL streaming (which is pretty notorious for being unpredictable), when she encountered a wild Spring Break girl in the wild.

TheNicoleT Panics As Women Offers To Show Chat Her Boobs

It was a beautiful day for TheNicoleT... until it wasn't! The 21-year-old Twitch streamer was having a nice stroll, enjoying her day at the beach, when a woman popped out of left field, asking: “Hey, hey, is that a f*king Facetime? Do you wanna see some t*tties?”.

TheNicoleT showed some amazing situational awareness, not even giving the women the slightest chances of popping out a nipple by keeping her completely out of frame.

You could still hear the panic in her voice, when she responded, saying “No, no please don't”.

Guess she saw her life flashing before her eyes, as showing nudity on stream would have definitely gotten her a big juicy ban on Twitch.

After she passed the woman, she was quick to regain her posture, joking about the situation, but also emphasizing how “scary” it was.

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