Strongman Simulator Codes (May 2023): Free Pets, Energy Boosts & More

If you're looking for free codes for the Strongman Simulator in Roblox, you've come to the right place. Here you will always find the latest codes for free pets, energy boosts and more in Strongman Simulator. The codes below are for May 2023.

Strongman simulator codes
You can find all the codes for Strongman Simulator right here! | © Roblox / The Gang Stockholm

If you want to build huge and hard muscles, but your computer addiction does not allow you to do it, we got a solution! Strongman Simulator will help you feel like a real king of the gym. Exercise, build muscles, pump up and compete with other strong men in the game. We, instead, have something to offer you kind of steroids... With our current Strongman Simulator game codes, you'll get a lot of stuff to help you become the most pumped guy in the game!

How Do You Redeem These Codes In Strongman Simulator?

To redeem free pets, energy boosts and more with Strongman Simulator codes, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Launch Strongman Simulator in Roblox.
  2. Click the Twitter logo on the menu screen.
  3. Type in the code.
  4. Click "Claim" to redeem free stuff!
Code strongman
This is where you can redeem codes in Strongman Simulator. | © Roblox / The Gang Stockholm

Isn't it easy? Entering codes for free energy and movement speed in Strongman Simulator is by far the easiest thing in the game.

Active Strongman Simulator Codes (May 2023)

These codes were last updated on May 25

Here's a list of all the current codes for Strongman Simulator for May 2023:

  • TruePowerOf - x2 Movement Speed (New)
  • 400M – Special reward
  • Shazam!FuryOfTheGods – 2x Movement Speed
  • Shazam! – 2x Movement Speed
  • 100m – Energy Boost
  • 10m – 5 minutes of 2x energy boost
  • 25k – 5 minutes of 2x energy boost
  • 1500likes – 2x energy boost
  • 5000likes - Redeem for 2x energy Boost
  • 10000 – 2x energy boost
  • strongman – A rare pet
  • LearnThe - Redeem for a Buff
  • Chad – Duck pet
  • HOLIDAY - 10 minutes of 2x workout boost

With such a boost you will definitely be quite energized and motivated to exercise.

Expired Roblox Strongman Simulator Codes in May 2023

Here is the code, which has already expired, so don't waste your time typing it:

  • 500likes – 2x energy boost
  • season1 - Redeem for 10 minutes of 2x Workout

Where Do You Get Codes For Strongman Simulator?

Remember that this article is constantly updated, so with us, you will always find a full list of current codes.

However, if you would like to get ahead of us one of these days, check the following developers' platforms regularly:

I think you already have everything necessary to become a real strongman! But remember to get rest sometimes and have fun:

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