This Incredible FPS Was Made Entirely In Roblox!

If you're a fan of nerdy passion projects, you're going to love this. A team of Roblox players have basically made Call of Duty for LEGO, within Roblox itself. And it's weirldly incredible.

Roblox Call of Duty killer Frontlines
Frontlines is basically an incredibly high-effort game mode within Roblox, but really it's CoD for LEGO. | © Roblox / Frontlines

Frontlines is a Roblox game that basically tries to emulate Call of Duty. Despite being developed by only five people since 2019, the game looks far better than it has any right to be.

Before we go any further, just look at how incredible Frontline looks:

Awesome, right? Something for us all to play until Counter-Strike 2 is here.

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Frontlines Wows Players With Impressive Gameplay

A Roblox game called Frontline has just been fully released, and players have been left in awe of just how good it looks. Obviously it's a bit janky, and there are hit-reg issues, but it's shockingly good for an amateur project.

The devs of Frontlines recently gave an interview to Insider-Gaming, and they have bright plans for the future:

From the surge of attention that we got, we are looking to push out a significant amount of content, including more weapons, skins, maps, features, and gamemodes. We’re also planning to use the Frontlines framework to expand out to a separate 5v5 objective-based game and create a more cinematic, movie-like experience. Our goal is to not only make a fun FPS, but also make this into a memorable and timeless experience that will inspire a new wave of creators.

Battle Royale and PVE are also on our list, but we want to make sure the base game is solid first before starting new projects. We’re currently a 5 man team, so we’ve got to be really strategic with our time and priorities. Once we grow, there’ll definitely be a lot of opportunities to expand the game at a faster pace

We just wanted to highlight this awesome little gem. You should 100% go and play it today if you're on Roblox.

In other news, the Starfield release date has now been officially confirmed.

Frontline is probably going to be more impressive than this:

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