Valor Legends Gift Codes (September 2023): Free Fragments & Materials

Are you looking for Valor Legends free rewards? Get them by redeeming Valor Legends codes for September 2023. They can be very helpful!

Valor Legends Codes
You can find all the codes for Valor Legends here! | © Century Games Pte. Ltd.

Valor Legends is an action idle roleplay game with modern-looking 3D graphics. In addition to building complex bridges, it allows you to collect legendary heroes and put them in the battle against evil. While the game has an auto-farming system, players still complain about the lack of free rewards.

In this guide, we tried to collect and show all the working Valor Legends gift codes. Even though using codes cannot make you a millionaire, it can help you to complete the challenging fight and fully equip your characters. Check this article regularly; you'll get the latest Valor Legends codes first.

How To Redeem Codes In Valor Legends

To not waste time, check out the guide below. We've described how to redeem codes in Valor Legends step-by-step.

  1. Open Valor Legends and complete tutorial
  2. Press on the Profile button in the top-left corner of the screen
  3. Tap on the Gift Code
  4. Enter the code into the appeared window
  5. Press Confirm and get rewards on your account
Valor Legends How To Redeem Codes
Here you can redeem all of active Valor Legends codes. | © Century Games Pte. Ltd.

Some Valor Legends freebies are stored inside the Backpack. Don't get disappointed if you cannot find them in the main menu.

Valor Legends Active Gift Codes (September 2023)

This was last updated on September 20

Want to get freebies? Check out the list below and discover all the actual codes.

  • 2ANNIVERSARY0914 - Use the code for Free Rewards
  • vlfacebook300k - Use the code for Free Rewards
  • happysummer2023 - Use the code for Free Rewards
  • vlwelcomeins - Use the code for Set of Purple 1-Star Gear, 300 Evolution Beads
  • vlwelcomedc - Use the code for Seed of Life, 1 Hour of Gold Coins, 1 Hour of Energy Essence

Some Valor Legends gift codes have level requirements. They bring overpowered rewards. Thus, using them 100% is worth your time and effort.

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Valor Legends Expired Gift Codes (September 2023)

Here are Valor Legends expired codes. They don't bring any rewards anymore.

  • 4kZdnvBw
  • 4kGsGV3j
  • 4kymqQeH
  • 4ktYjexA
  • lunarnewyear2023
  • 2023ValentinesDay
  • happynewyear2023
  • 22merrychristmasVL
  • VLfridayblack
  • thanksgivingVL22
  • halloweennight2022
  • vixjvixY
  • GOGOGOVL0919
  • Birthdayreward0912
  • VLmooncake0910
  • VLKOREA0829
  • vlfacebook200k
  • happysummer2022
  • instagramsummer22
  • dcsummerparty22
  • summerfb22
  • 6D7yzxc
  • 6C7uabc
  • vl5millionplayers
  • getnewheroesjun
  • 6Q6zaa8
  • 6O6xcbn

Don't waste your time trying to redeem these codes. Instead, scroll down and find where you can get more Valor Legends freebies.

Where Do You Get Valor Legends Gift Codes?

Want to get freebies regularly? In addition to checking this article, you can follow Valor Legends Facebook account. All the actual codes, giveaways, and game news can be found here.

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