Valorant: Redeem Codes for September 2023

Who doesn't love free things? Keep up-to-date with Valorant's current redeem codes for September 2023.

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Free cosmetic items? Count us in. | © Riot Games

Valorant presents a myriad of cosmetics that players can flaunt during their in-game skirmishes across various game modes.

Looking to ascend the competitive ranks? Want to earn XP quickly to finish your Battle Pass? Or perhaps you're considering testing your skills in the new Premier Mode Open Beta?

Regardless of which path you take, there's often a reward at the end. But what about receiving awesome rewards without lifting a finger? That's where redeem codes come into play!

Valorant Free Codes - September 2023

Riot Games distributes these codes through various means, but primarily via their social media platforms. Their expiration dates vary quite a bit, so we'll keep you posted on their status.

That being said, the codes for September 2023 are:

  • YTILAUD: Duality Player Card

There's only one this month, but stay tuned, more are on the way! Hopefully...

If you're curious about past expired codes, here are a few you might've overlooked. You can check for yourself if any of them are still active:

  • JUBILANT02: Redeem this code to acquire a Proud Player Title
  • SUNSET: Redeem this code for a Pride Player Card
  • COTTON CANDY: Claim this code for a Pride Player Card
  • SHERBERT: Activate this redeem code to get a Pride Player Card
  • PRISMATIC: Use this redeem code for a Pride Player Card
  • GALACTIC: Input this redeem code to receive a Pride Player Card
  • PRIMARY: Use this redeem code and obtain a Pride Player Card
  • TWILIGHT: Use this redemption code to grab a Pride Player Card
  • JUBILANT01: Use this redeem code and claim an Ally Player Title

Valorant: How To Redeem Codes

Follow these easy steps to claim your free items:

Typically, codes are redeemable on the official Valorant website. However, the redemption page seems to be down right now. So, try redeeming your codes in-game:

  • Login to Valorant using your account
  • Click on the Valorant symbol by the Store tab.
  • Select “Prepaid Cards and Codes”
  • Put in the code into the pop-up window
  • And voila!

Purchasing Redeemable Valorant Codes

Currently, Valorant doesn't support purchasing Gift Cards (codes) directly in-game. Your sole option to purchase redeemable codes is through Amazon.

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