Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes (June 2023): Free Boosts

Keep scrolling down to get Weapon Fighting Simulator freebies. All the active Weapon Fighting Simulator codes for June 2023 can be found here.

Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes
Right here are collected active and expired Weapon Fighting Simulator codes! | © Roblox / Lightning Dragon Studio

Do you like Roblox fighter simulators? If yes, we highly recommend you try Weapon Fighting Simulator. The game has one of the most exciting combat systems, allowing you to fight against enemies using weapons and spells. The game has high skill requirements, so you only decide whether you'll become the strongest martial arts.

To help you get closer to this goal, we've gathered all the active Weapon Fighting Simulator codes in this article. Players can use them for beneficial boosts that might be useful while gathering resources. Still, each boost works only for 20 minutes.

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How To Redeem Codes In Weapon Fighting Simulator

Here is how to redeem codes in Weapon Fighting Simulator:

  1. Open Roblox and launch Weapon Fighting Simulator.
  2. Press the Settings button on the left part of the screen.
  3. Enter the code from this article into the Code text box.
  4. Press the button Enter.
  5. Voila! Boosts are on your account.
Weapon Fighting Simulator How To Redeem Codes
Weapon Fighting Simulator codes should be redeemed in the Settings menu! | © Roblox / Lightning Dragon Studio

Consider that Boosts obtained by redeeming codes can be stored forever. Feel free to use codes even if you don't have free time to play the game. They might come in handy in the future.

Weapon Fighting Simulator Active Codes (June 2023)

This was last updated on June 6

Check out the list below and find Weapon Fighting Simulator active codes.

  • ring - Use the code for Spirit Stone Boost, Qi Boost
  • transformers—Redeem this code for All Boosts (New)
  • carnation - Use the code for Lucky Boost, Spirit Stone Boost
  • holo - Use the code for DMG Boost, Qi Boost
  • mayday - Use the code for Spell Drop Boost, Spirit Stone Boost
  • gearpacks - Use the code for DMG Boost, Lucky Boost
  • likemore - Use the code for Spirit Stone Boost, Qi Boost
  • weaponfighting - Use the code for DMG Boost
  • welcome - Use the code for Spirit Stone Boost
  • goodluck - Use the code for Luck Boost
  • happyday - Use the code for Qi Boost

As the codes are regularly updated, you might face expired codes in this article. In such a case, ping us in the comments so we can update this article and add the expired code to the list below.

Weapon Fighting Simulator Expired Codes (June 2023)

The following Weapon Fighting Simulator codes don't bring any rewards anymore, these are all expired codes:

  • map35
  • ascend
  • easter
  • map34
  • necklace
  • spell
  • map33
  • fastmode
  • arena
  • map32
  • reforge
  • geartrading
  • like375
  • map31
  • oneyear
  • gear
  • map30
  • xmas
  • map29
  • sonic
  • clever
  • serverboss2
  • map27
  • serverboss
  • map26
  • candy3
  • candy2
  • halloween
  • jack
  • candy
  • map25
  • newpet
  • like350
  • map24
  • town
  • map23
  • hardtrail
  • map22
  • visits250m
  • newbuff
  • map21
  • l325k
  • popsicle
  • map20
  • timetrial
  • map19
  • skin
  • lk300k
  • map18
  • batoidea
  • map17
  • likes275k
  • fighting
  • RAMPHobbies
  • Worrybear
  • Sub2RoboSlothGaming
  • Carbon
  • sisterguard
  • Skull
  • funrix
  • Kingkade
  • CodeNex
  • JazonGaming
  • WFS
  • hardmode
  • defense
  • likes30K
  • likes20K
  • likes10000
  • likes5k
  • lunarnewyear
  • world6
  • achievement
  • bounty
  • mount
  • jade
  • lk160k
  • compensation
  • map9
  • tower
  • map8
  • Likes100K
  • likes75k
  • trade
  • enchant
  • likes50000
  • WFS
  • Likes200K
  • likes_225K
  • map13
  • easter
  • map12
  • likes180k
  • map11
  • silver
  • likes120k
  • likes_140K
  • wheel
  • map10
  • banshies
  • map16
  • map15
  • sword
  • tradespar
  • spellroll
  • map14

Where Do You Get Code Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes?

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