Amazon Teases New Critical Role Animated Series: The Mighty Nein

With the continued success of The Legend of Vox Machina Amazon and Critical Role have entered a big deal to bring us more cool adaptations. First in the line is the Mighty Nein, CR's second campaign, with its own animated series.

Critical role mighty nein script
All hail the Mighty Nein! Soon they will get their own animated series on Amazon Prime | © Critical Role

Last week the second season of The Legend of Vox Machine started, and the heroes have conquered our hearts yet again. We didn't expect any news besides a fourth season announcement, when Travis Willingham made an ominous tweet.

A few hours later this teaser hit us right in the feels:

Oh, Mighty Nein! Happy tears are rolling down my cheeks, because Critical Role just confirmed their second campaign will get their own animated series on Amazon Prime. The new show will also be made by Titmouse, the studio responsible for LoVM. The deal with Amazon also includes a first-look movie of some kind.

Reassuringly Critical Role are going to produce this series just like LoVM with their own production company called Metapigeon (very clever, guys). With so many bad adaptions out there to have the original creators so involved takes away a lot of anxiety.

Mighty Nein: Quite A Bit Different From Vox Machina

Different heroes, different story! When Critical role started streaming, they were already deep into their Vox Machina campaign. So the characters are already a team at the start of the series. But as the successor this new story starts directly with a bunch of weirdos meeting for the first time. As a result we get to see the Mighty Nein develop their friendships and group dynamics.

Mighty nein logo
Their initials wreaved in flames, looks so amazing O.O | © Critical Role

Get ready for a darker story! Without taking too much away, the Mighty Nein story is not a typical "heroes save the world" kind of deal. If you thought Vox Machina are misfits, then you are not prepared for the Nein. But as a fan I say that's their biggest draw and results in lots of fun!

You don't need to know the Legend of Vox Machina to understand the new series. Our new story actually takes place 15 years after the events surrounding the first campaign and on a completely different continent Wildemount. Of course there will be references and the like, but nothing big in my opinion.

No release date has been made official yet, but my guess would be sometime in 2024. All we can do is wait for new cool announcement concerning voice actors for the NPCs and watch some Legend of Vox Machina.

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