Someone Just Tried To Burn Amouranth's House Down

Amouranth Arson
This list of suspects will be very long... | © Amouranth's Twitter & art by Neil Padaloy

Someone just tried to burn Amouranth's Texas house down. It's almost certainly a crazed fan-turned arsonist, but the case is still ongoing. The star was at home at the time of the fire. Details below.

For once, we're not reporting on something crazy Amouranth herself has done. No, this time it's one of her literally millions of fans who have caught the headlines. In a terrifying incident, a fire was started that was clearly intended to do harm to the influencer.

There's little in this world as dangerous as lonely men - and it goes to show how hard to stay safe it is in Amouranth's line of work, even when you do it all through the internet.

Amouranth's House Fire

Kaitlyn Siragusa, known as Amouranth, lives in Houstan, Texas. And unfortunately, someone unpleasant must know that. Because the other evening they started a fire by the trashcans beside her home. As she let her fans know:

Arson does indeed seem likely. One can only imagine how many fans have persuaded themselves that Amouranth should be theirs and only theirs.

Still, got a few moments left to browse? Of course, you do - and here's some more entertainment for your viewing pleasure:

Is Amouranth Safe? Have They Caught The Arsonist?

Amouranth was not harmed in the incident and remains safe, but unfortunately, a suspect has not been apprehended for the crime. While she's physically safe, I think it would be inappropriate to be flippant about her wellbeing; it must be terrifying to know someone out there - someone who's likely never met you - would want to cause such harm. If any good can come of this, then hopefully it will have been to make people question just how 'easy' it is for these women. It's dangerous work, and sadly, it attracts the contempt of childish, lonely men.

If you're reading this Amouranth, we wish you all the best - keep doing what you're doing, and no doubt this maniac will be caught.

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