Amouranth Causes Ludwig to Lose Partnership Deal

Ludwig amouranth
This photo with Amouranth caused Ludwig a partnership deal. | © Ludwig via Instagram

You better watch out who you associate yourself with. It might come back to bite you in the behind! Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren found that out after a single photo with Amouranth cost him a partnership deal.

Ludwig is riding high in 2021. He was doing well enough up until now, make no mistake, but the month-long subathon raised his profile substantially. As one of the most recognizable people on Twitch, Ludwig is bound to attract sponsors. His own content is mild enough to not scare partners away. However, some of the people with whom he chooses to take photos with can't say the same.

Ludwig Loses Partnership Because of Amouranth Photo

During his latest stream Ludwig spoke about his partnership opportunities and how he missed out on one because of a couple photos. The potential partner's identity was not revealed, but their little conversation with Ludwig was. Here's what they they told the streamer:

"It wasn’t Twitter, it might have been on your Instagram. You had a picture with a porn star, and on your Twitter, you had a…"and they trailed off.

There are two pictures that caused for the break of negotiation. One where Ludwig poses in his underpants after a lost bet to DisguisedToast, and another, where he's together with Amouranth at the Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather fight.

Given the location where the photo was taken, you can figure out that the controversial female Twitch streamer was dressed respectfully. That means that the mere association with Amouranth is weighed the same as a picture of your butt in underpants. We're sorry you missed out on a sponsorhip, Ludwig, but this is hilarious.

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