Hot-Tub Twitch Ban: Amouranth is Losing $500.000!

Amouranth twitch adult content
This lady right here is losing a breezy half a million in dollars this year. Yeah. | © Amouranth via Twitch

Amouranth can no longer get ad-money on her hot-tub streams and now the Twitch streamer revealed just how much money she is losing this year.

So recently Twitch went and said: "Yo Amouranth, you can no longer get advertising money on your streams." Why? Nobody knows, but presumably it's due to her getting too cozy in that hot tub. Anyway, we reported on this year:

This came without any warning whatsoever and it was so surprising, in fact, that even Amouranth-enemies xQc and Asmongold were worried, with Asmongold saying:

Mind, you this is the same Asmongold, that previously said this:

And xQc, who previously stated that the hot-tub meta is the worst thing to ever happen to Twitch, was surprised about the sudden and unexplained Amouranth money-ban too:

As xQc is saying: What about the other guys? Why Amouranth, why not them? He suggests that she might just have become the scapegoat for everybody and if that's the case... sucks for Amouranth. Losing $45k a month is a heavy dip in income.

Yeah people will say "she deserves it", "F the hot tub meta" and bla, bla, but here's the thing: Twitch shouldn't just be able to stop people's revenue stream on a whim. Without warning. This is unacceptable. Not everybody earns as much money as Amouranth and even in her case, unexpectedly losing $500k a year is a big deal.

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