Antonio Banderas Confirmed for Indiana Jones 5

Antonio Banderas Confirmed for Indiana Jones 5
Indiana Jones will soon be back! | © IMDB

Antonio Banderas was officially confirmed as part of the cast for the upcoming Indiana Jones 5 movie. Here are all the details.

When was the last time we had an Indiana Jones movie? Too long ago, if you ask me. With Indiana Jones 5 on the way, fans can finally rejoice. Antonio Banderas will also be making an appearance. Here's what we know so far.

Antonio Banderas Added to Indiana Jones 5 Cast

Indiana Jones 5 was announced back in December 2020 and the movie is rumored to release pretty soon. With less than two weeks on the clock, it was revealed that Antonion Banderas will also be part of the cast. It's unclear what his exact role in the movie will be, but we're willing to bet it won't be a minor one. This will be Banderas' first time in the franchise and probably the last, since Indiana Jones 5 is supposedly the last movie in the series.

The previous Indiana Jones movie we saw was all the way back in 2008, when Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull came out. Back then, Harrison Ford was 66 years old, he's now 79. James Mangold will be taking the director's seat, he was the producer of Logan. Worry not though, as Steven Spielberg will be very involved with the movie as a producer. In terms of soundtrack, you can expect nothing less than the classic John Williams, who composed the original tune of the series.

Indiana Jones 5 Release Date

The original release date for Indiana Jones 5 was set as July 28, 2022. It's unclear if the movie will be ready by then, as filming is still currently underway in the UK.

Indiana Jones 5 Plot

As you'd expect, not much is known about the plot of the upcoming Indiana Jones movie. Some suggest that Indy will be facing an old threat we've seen in previous movies.

The original trilogy came out in the 80s, and it quickly became iconic. The reception of the Crystal Skull was mixed, and it may be up to Indiana Jones 5 to redeem the franchise in the eyes of the fans. Did you know that an Indiana Jones game is also in the making?

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