Black Hot Tub Streamer Banned By Twitch: Racism?

Exo Hydra2
ExoHydraX labels herself the thiccest hot tub streamer and Twitch labels her banned. (Credit: ExoHydra)

ExoHydraX is a black hot tub streamer that got herself banned from Twitch. This, of course, while other hot tub streamers are doing the exact same thing and are not getting banned. Is it racism, as ExoHydraX claims?

Ok, so we've got all the good ingredients: Semi-nudity, a ban, racism, a black hot-tub streamer and a black writer. What could possibly go wrong, right?

Why Was ExoHydraX Banned?

ExoHydraX is an OnlyFans content creator, Twitch partner and Call of Duty streamer, who's recently taken to the hot-tub meta like... like basically everybody else. The stuff sells, ok? I mean, Pokimane announced that she's about to dip into the pool, to go diving for that bag. It's called meta for a reason, so we're not gonna knock the hustle. Yet, when the self-proclaimed thiccest Twitch hot-tub streamer ExoHydraX hot-tubbed it up, she was slapped with a ban due to "sexually suggestive behavior, content, or commentary", "making explicit gestures towards breasts, buttocks, or genitals on stream".

Now, I hear you: There is naturally something sexually suggestive about being half naked in a hot tub. Yet, the same could be said about six-packed bros getting sweaty in the gym (yeah, that can be misinterpreted) and, most of all: The same exact thing can be said about literally every other hot tub streamer.

So why was ExoHydraX banned, while, for example, Amouranth, was not?

ExoHydraX has an idea:

Good luck being black and being a streamer on twitch I do the exact same content that yt girl do but yet I get banned but they don't ? beyond disapointing [sic] THIS ISN'T OK

Ultimately we will never know why Twitch banned her, aside from the fact that they claim she crossed the boundaries stated above.

We wonder: Is it because she's black? Is it because she is as thicc as she claims? Is it because somebody at Twitch doesn't want all this thiccness in a hot-tub? We don't know, but we do know that there is an obvious double standard going on that's either down to her curviness or, in the worst case scenario, down to her skin color. It's gotta be one of the two, because it's the only things that differentiate ExoHydraX from the other hot-tub streamers.

If we find out more, we'll update you here. Until then, there's always a silver lining – Bans end:

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