Girl Power! Black Widow Smashes Pandemic Box Office Record

Black Widow box office
Black Widow is off to an explosive start at the box office. | © Marvel

Black Widow has been out for three days and has already made more money than was needed to create it. That's more than $200 million. That's the draw power of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Black Widow is the first theatrical release in the MCU since the pandemic began. If anyone thought Marvel is slowing down, think again! Black Widow is in the hundreds of millions of dollars in the box office in its first weekend and is all but guaranteed to break every existing pandemic record.

How Much Money Did Black Widow Make on Opening Weekend?

Black Widow has grossed over $200 million worldwide on opening weekend. The math is very interesting in this case, because we had an unusual launch approach and an equally unusual delivery of exact numbers by Disney.

In theaters, domestically, Black Widow made around $80 million. Almost the exact same figure has been reached internationally, which adds up to $160 million. The final boost that gets Black Widow over the $200 million mark is its simultaneous launch on Disney+.

What could have potentially been a risky move is more than paying out for Marvel and Disney. The latter claims that Black Widow has generated over $60 million through the streaming platform. With that additional revenue, the three-day old film has already paid out its production cost of around $200 million.

These figures would be impressive on a normal day, but are otherworldly in pandemic context. Black Widow smashes opening weekend records on all fronts and is set to become the highest-grossing movie since COVID-19 spread worldwide and put a dent into theaters' attendances and revenues.

Most of these records are currently held by F9: The Fast Saga. For context, the latest Fast and Furious' current domestic box office is slightly above $140 million. That movie came out in the US three weeks ago. Black Widow achieved $80 million in three days.

Marvel's appeal proves to be unmatched yet again, and we fully expect their latest product to comfortably become the biggest pandemic blockbuster we've had so far within the next few days.

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